Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



2. naked

I quietly walk in too Harry's flat. 

"Impressive Harry i didn't know that you were that rich." i whisper to him whilst looking around the most beautiful flat ever.

"Oh, i see someone is jealous!" Harry says a little to loud. I start to walk over to the bathroom. Quietly i open the door. 

"AHHHHHHHHH what the fuck?!" I yell as i see someone laying naked on the ground. 


oh my god Kasia calm the fuck down its just Niall." Harry barley says. The body slowly gets up. 

"Oh Harry your finally home. Yeah im a bit drunk." says "Niall."

"A bit Niall maybe it will make you feel better knowing that a girl just saw you lying naked on the floor." Harry says while laughing.

"What?" Niall says in his drunken irish accent. He looks over at me and his face turns bright red. He grabs a towel and runs to the room.

 "Cool friend you got." I say.


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