Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



1. Late

Where the fuck was he? I had been waiting for him for a hour. What does he not get?

       "Hello Beautiful, miss me?" I heard someone chuckle behind me. I turned around to face him i was so going to kick his ass.

      "What the actual fuck? I have been waiting for you for almost an hour now! You Fucking cunt!"

       "Calm down Ms.Morgan the great!" He said while laughing. 

             "Shut the fuck up Curly!" I slightly pushed him so he would hit the wall. Well as you can see, this was my best friend Harry Styles.  Yes, the famous Harry Styles from boy band One Direction. Well, before Harry became famous we were best friends. We were inseparable, we did everything together. Study, Eat and yes what we do best murder. Well, that was until Harry wanted to pursue his music career. Lucky for him everything worked out and now he was in a famous boy band, One Direction.

     "Okay Kasia there is a reason why I am late."

"Okay and what would that happen to be? this better be good or I am going to beat the shit out of you Mr.perfect."

      "Okay then Kasia. Well, Dante is not at Dorian's party he is in California."

"And why would Dante be in California?" I asked him.

"Well that I don't know why, but the good thing is we are free we don't have to do anything today! No killing and no hunting down we can just relax."

"STYLES! You could have called me a hour ago and told me I don't have anywhere to go!"

      "Well you could come with me and hang out with my mates. Although they are probably asleep so it would just be you and me."

      "Fine as long as they don't see me. I will put my stuff in your car so no one gets suspicious. "

          "Okay lets go." I followed him out of the alley and to my car. I grabbed my stuff and put it in Style's car. I got in and off we went. 

     "So Harry tell me about them. Who's the hottest?" I asked him while slouching into my seat and putting my seat belt on.

"Well that is a no brainer Kasia it is obviously me!" he laughed while he put on the radio. And yes the radio was playing One Direction.

    "Harry I cant believe how famous you are! You lucky ass. Why don't you ever get me anything? You realize I don't have as much money as you! Please give to the needy." I joked with him.

      "Fine tomorrow I will buy you something so nice that you will faint and die." he laughed. "Oh and don't wake up anyone. They will tease me for bringing you home." he said.


     "Oh yes they will be blinded by my beauty and I do not want to kill them so I won't." I replied to him. I honestly thought I was kinda of ugly. I had Brown hair, Very blue eyes, long hair and fair skin. Hey at least I wasn't some blonde bimbo.


"WE ARE HERE!" Harry yelled as we go to his flat. We were here









Sorry this chapter is terrible! the chapter i had in my drafts was deleted some how thats why this has such terrible grammer 

so sorry and i hope you enjoy so please like comment and fave ;) if you have any ideas just comment thank you i will update ASAP!


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