Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



21. Just In case

Harry quickly drove to Niall's house, once we had got there, Niall quickly ran inside while Harry and I parked. 

Niall's P.O.V. 

"Holy shit. I had figured out the truth about Kasia an hour ago. I never fall for girls like this, but for some reason I couldn't get her out of my head. I found her even more attractive. So, I was in love with a bad ass girl and was about to go on vacation with her. Wow. 

I quickly walked into my room I took out a bunch of things that I would probably need.Then I walked into my bathroom and grabbed my shaving kit and condoms.... Just in case. I quickly put them into a suitcase and walked out of the room. 

I walked downstairs and opened the front door. I locked it then I walked to Harry's car and put my suitcase in the back, and got into the car.

Kasia's POV

Harry started the engine and started to drive to the airport. It was only an hour drive because of the traffic, when we got there we took the luggage out. Then I remembered our guns and my drugs. I opened my suitcase and took out a teddy bear I opened it up and put my gun and drugs in there like I usually do. No one saw me do it. Harry and Niall took the suitcases inside the airport. Luckily there was no paparazzi's. 

"Harry what time does the flight leave?" I asked.

"When ever I want it to. I have a private jet weirdo." Harry laughed, I had to admit I was pretty excited to go on a private jet.

We walked through airport security and they checked out bags and everything. They said that we were good. I was laughing in my head, they needed to get better at their jobs. 

We boarded the private jet and it was fucking beautiful.  I was so ready for takeoff. 


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