Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



18. Harry?


I looked behind myself, he was right behind me with his “gang”.

“Sorry Harry!” I smirked while I placed the gun behind my seat. I pulled the trigger. The bullet went through his back mirror. I looked back quickly and I heard them cursing. Haha someone had been shot.



“NIALL DUCK DOWN!” Someone was about to shoot. He lowered his head, and the bullet had just missed his head. “GOOD NOW KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN “ This was getting to dangerous. I had to drop Niall off somewhere. I pressed the gas petal all the way down. I dodged all the cars as I heard a unison of horns. I was way ahead of them. After a while of shooting and speeding, Niall and I finally managed to get away to this ghetto bar. I grabbed my starbucks drink, and took a sip. “Aw It’s warm.” I said sarcastically while planting a smirk on my face. “So, wasn’t that fun Niall?” I asked him. His face was still in shock and he hadn’t said a word.

“You’re Kasia Morgan aren’t you?” He asked.

“Yes the one and only in flesh.” I said.

“No, fuck no Take me home before you kill me or something!?” He said.

“Ha you’re funny don’t worry I won’t kill you, Harry and I are best friends, and he does the same things as me behind your back” I laughed.


“Because he didn’t want to, I don’t know ask him.”

“So why was that man chasing you anyways?”

“Well long story short. I stole all his money and used him. Now he’s after me.” I said while sitting at a bar stool. “When is Harry going to come pick us up?” I sighed. I took out my phone and dialed Harry.

                “Hello? Harry?”

“Where are you guys? I have seriously been looking everywhere.”

“We are at this ghetto bar, It’s called The Sage” I told him.

“Oh, wait I’m like a minute away from it I can see the sign.”

“Ok then bye.” I shut my phone OFF.

“Come on Niall Harry’s here.” We both walked outside. I looked around and I saw Harry’s Range Rover coming closer.



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