Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



10. Fainting

I       walked into the bathroom and started to sob, I opened the shower door and took and took my razor out. I had been a month clean, but I guess everything changes. I took my pants off and locked the bathroom door. I started to trace all my scars with my finger. Then I took the razor and glided it gently across my skin. I kept doing it and doing it, until all i saw on my thighs were blood. I started to get a bit light headed. I cleaned all of the blood of my leg and put bandaiges over it. So, the blood wouldnt leak through my clothes. When I got up off the floor I felt dizzy like I was about to faint. I took my suitcases and walked out. I looked over at Niall, he had fallen asleep on the couch. I walked out of the front door. As I walked out a bunch of people decided to mob me. I kept hearing things like are you harrys girlfriend? what are you doing here? When I finally mangaged to escape, my head got worse. I walked for a while. Surprisingly the weather was nice. Probably because it was Summer. I decided to go to a beach and sleep on the dock or something. 

I finally managed to get to a beach. At this beach no one was here and there was a comfortable looking dock to sleep on. Ha-ha. I started to walk to the dock. My head was hurting, it felt like it was 100 pounds, I was super dizzy. All of a sudden everything went black and I fell over. 

Harry's POV

I was feeling really bad, I do not know what had gotten in to me. I had just kicked my best friend out of my house for no good reason. I went to go check her room. She probably had not left. I had to go apologize. 

I walked into her room nothing was there, I realized the bathroom door was closed she was probably in there. As I walked in, there was blood all over the place. "FUCK" she had left and she had cut her self. I ran to the living room Niall was sleeping. I looked outside and saw that there was some paps. I decided to ask them if they had seen her. I opened the door to the balcony. Thank god Kasia had changed her look so the paps would not notice that she was a wanted criminal. "HELLO! HAVE YOU SEEN MY FRIEND? SHE IS THIS TALL, SHE HAS BLUE EYES AND SHE LEFT A WHILE AGO." I yell.


"YEAH WE HAVE SHE WENT THAT WAY SO TELL US, IS SHE YOUR GIRLFRIEND HARRY." one of the paps asked. I shut the balcony door, I couldn't call the police cause shes a criminal, So I decided to go find her. At this point I was so fucking worried. What if Dante had found her, what if she is dead? I decided to leave Niall sleeping. I got into my car and drove off.

Where could she be?


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