Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



36. ecstasy

Once we walk into the eating area we sit at a table and immediatly in comes fucking Natalie. 

"Hi Are you guys ready to order?" She asks.

"Yeah I'll have some hashbrowns and eggs." I demand a little to rudely.

"I'll probably have some french toast with bacon and eggs." Niall says not looking up at her once. 

"Okay i'll be right back. Can I do anything to entertain you. Perhaps maybe put on the television or play some music?" She says sweetly.

"No we're good." Niall replies. After she leaves I look at Niall and he gives me the "I know you hate her " look.

"Ugh yes I do fucking hate her, she's so annoying." I say.

"Same she acts a little too friendly and she's a fucking whore. Anyways any plans for today?" Niall says.

"Umm we could go swimming and we could take the yacht somewhere." I reply.

"Sounds cool. You know what? Lets just take our breakfast to the beach and eat there. Then we will go find Harry." Nialls says.

"Yeah lets do that." a few minutes later Natalie arrives with our food. "Actually could you take it to the beach thanks!" I smile fakely. I get up and walk out the door. I reach the hammock Niall and I were sitting on and sit on it. Niall sits next to me as Natalie hands our plates. She is still fcuking smiling.

"Can I get you two anything to drink?" She asks.

"Yeah I'll have a vanilla mikshake." I say.

"And I'll have a chocolate" Niall says sassily. Natalie leaves.  I start to laugh really loudly, I lay back still laughing then I fall off the fucking hammock. And I'm still laughing Niall gets off and helps me up. 

"Holy shit YOUR VOICE THO" I laugh. "I need to go to the bathroom i'll be right back." I smile and kiss him. I start walking towards my villa. When I get there I see Harry. Great he is the last person I want to see today. 

"Look Kasia I am so fucking sorry I was so drunk last night I couldn't even control it okay? I needed someone to fuck me. And I just really fucking blew it." He is seriously sorry.

"It's okay Harry." I smile. We are gonna be on this island for a long time.

"Thank you Kasia." He smiles.

"So lets go swimming bitch." I laugh. Harry and I walk out of the door smiling and laughing just like before. 

Harry and I reach the beach and I see that Niall has finished eating.

"Hi ba- Kasia." He says when he see's Harry walking behind me. He flashes the I'm sorry grin.

"Hello. I say as I walk to the hammock to finish my now cold breakfast. Once I finish I take my skirt off and then my top and go into the water. I look behind me and see that Harry and Niall's eyes are looking at every move I make. I get out of the water and grab my clothes.

"You guys don't have to fucking stare at me. I walk towards the gazebo and sit there.

"Kasia I'm sorry for creeping you." Its Niall.

"It's okay you've already seen me naked. I'm bored all ready I'm gonna go nap." I walk towards my villa and lay on my bed. I look through my cupboards and find my ecstasy pills. I take out one of the colorful pills and I pop it into my mouth. A hour later I am totally buzzed. 

Harry's POV

"Oh my god This is gonna be so much fun."Niall says.

"Yeah i am gonna go check on Kasia. Call everyone and let them know. I start walking towards her building. I climb the stairs to her room. I see her she is laying on the bed laughing at nothing.

"Oh hi Harry Come here." She says giddy. 

"Kasia are you okay?" I ask.

"Yasss Harry I was just laughing about how jealous I was of Natalie and the fact that she got to fuck you and not me." She pouts. "Come sit here but lock the doors and close the curtains first." I do as she says. I sit next to her. She removes her bikini top. Fuck. My blood flows to my dick causing it to get fucking 100x larger. She places her self on top of me. "Oh Harry." She pulls down my shorts and then my boxers. I don't stop her. She wraps her mouth around my fucking throbbing dick and she smoothly starts sucking it. I put my hands in her soft hair and moan. She stops. She pulls off my shirt and then pulls off her bikini bottom. She places her self on top of me and starts grinding her hips. Fuck. Her hair falls all over the place. Then I realize something. Fucking protection.

"Kasia The condom." I yell. 

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