Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



11. Drugs?

Niall's POV 

I woke up and looked at the time, Fuck it was 4:37 in the morning. I got up from the couch to go TO bed. First, I wanted to go see what Harry and Kasia were up to. I knocked on Kasia's door, there was no reply she was probably sleeping. So, I opened the door she wasn't there. I saw that the bathroom light was on. She was probably in there. "Kasia? Are you there?" No reply. I walked over to the bathroom. I was terrified with what I saw. There was blood all over the floor. 

I ran into Harrys room. No one was there either. I ran through out the whole house I had found nothing. I looked outside to see that his Range Rover wasn't there. "Fuck" I silently cursed under my breath. I got my phone out and tried to call him. 

"Hi, You've reached Harry Styles, Sorry I  couldn't pick up. Please leave a message so I can get back to you later. Thanks!" shit voice mail.

"Harry, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU AND KASIA AND WHY THE FUCK IS THERE FUCKING BLOOD IN THE BATHROOM." I yelled into the phone. As soon I was finished my phone went off. It was Harry. I anwsered the phone.

"Hello Harry?"

"Niall, Well don't get mad, but me and Kasia got into a fight and I told her to get out of my house. Then she actually ended up leaving and I am out looking for her. I am so worried. Well, I was wondering if you could take my Audi and help me look for her?" he said. What a fucking retard why did he kick her out?

"What the fuck is wrong with you Harry? Did you check her house? And why the fuck was there blood on the bathroom floor?" I asked.

"Well, she was on her period and she probably wiped her girl shit all over the floor cause she was mad? And she is so not at her house. It is 3 hours away and she left her wallet at home." Wow Harry good fucking going.

"Fine, I am on my way." I grabbed the car keys and went outside. 

Harry's POV

Wow, HARRY really? She rubbed her girl shit all over the floor? What was wrong with me. I drove around town thinking of all the places she could be. I was driving along the streets near the beaches. Then police sirens started to ring and a ambulance went to a beach. I squinted to see what was up at the beach. I saw that they were surronding someone then I looked carefully. Kasia's suitcases were there. I sped my car to the beach and ran towards her.

"Sorry, Sir but we can't let anyone in here unless they are a family member." Said a police officer.

"But I am her boyfriend and I need to see her." I replied.

"Wait, aren't you from that band?" he said.

"Yeah, I am is your daughter a fan? I'll give her meet and greets if you let me see my girlfriend." I said I needed to see her and I was at the point where I was going to attack the police.

"Actually, I have a niece, and she adores you! I'll let you in then." he says while smiling.

"Okay, give me your number." I say while he starts to write it on a notepad. He gives it to me and lets me go see her. I run to her as they put her on the strecher. I looked at her she was gone all pale and blue. I was holding back tears.

"I-i-is she gone?" I asked the paramedic.

"She is still breathing, but we are taking her to the hospital, Are you a close family member?" he asked.

"No, I am her boyfriend." I replied.

"Do you know how I could get a hold of her parents?" he asked.

"No, her mother died when she was 13 and her Dad is dead too. She has no legal guardians, but I have taken care of her since she was born." I told them.

"Well, could you please give us some information?"  Shit I had to make up everything.

"Well her name Is Alayna Wright, she doesn't have a job and she has no idea due, too the fire she lost her Dad in. Oh and she is 19 years old." I say.

"Oh, OK i guess her name and age works. Well we are taking her into the hospital, so I guess you can meet us there?" He says.

"Yeah, I'll take her suitcases too." I say.

"Oh, and I have another question why was she here with her suitcases?" fuck.

"Well, we got in to a fight, not a physical one, I would never hit a girl anyways. She got mad and left, I got worried and tried to look around town and here I am." I say.

"Okay, bye sir see you soon!" He says while getting into the ambulance. I run to my Range Rover with her suitcases and start it up. I  follow the ambulance to the hospital. As I was doing that I remembered two things. I had to call Niall and tell him I found her and I had to take the guns out of Kasia's suitcases because that would be fucking horrible. I reached into the back and started to look in her bags. In the first one it was all her clothes, and shit it was a gigantic suitcase. In the second one it had all her tioletries, makeup and hair shit. In the last one was all her guns and I looked into the pockets. Inside the pockets were orange pill holders, I opened it inside it was a bunch of ecstasy, She was on drugs. Fuck. 



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