Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



8. clubbing

I walked out of the bathroom and in the living room. As I walked in Niall, Harry and 4 other people were sitting there. Harry started to whistle at me and I made a mental note to kick his ass later. 

"Hi, guys! I am Kasia one of Harry's friends and I guess you guys are the rest of One Direction?" I said in my sweetest voice.

"Yup I am Louis and this is my girlfriend Eleanor" He said. I looked over at his girlfriend, she was wearing a sparkly one shoulder strap dress. She probably looked way prettier then me. 

"I am Zayn!" said a guy with tanned skin, he looked muslim, and he was quite hot.

"And I am Liam it is nice to meet one of Harry's friends!" said Liam. Aw he was so cute. He reminded me of a puppy.

"Okay! Nice to meet you guys!" I said, while sitting down next to Harry.

"Well, its about 9:30 so we should get going." Louis said. Then we all got up and walked down the stairs and got 3 Taxi's since we would probably end up coming home drunk. 

Then we arrived at the club, at first it was kind of awkward cause I looked like I was dressed to formally, but then Niall got some drinks and we started to dance our fucking asses off. 

Me and Harry started to dance together. I walked over to the bar and saw that Niall was just sitting alone and I realized this would be the perfect time to dance with him. "Hey, Niall come dance with me now." I ordered. He got up and there was a look of satisfaction on his face. We immediatly started grinding on eachother and I was too drunk to really care about how I looked. About an hour of dancing and having fun. Then I went back to the bar to go get us some drinks.

"Hey, you look like the perfect girl to bang." said the guy sitting next to me.

"Haha please, why would I fuck a repulsive loser like you?" I said while ordering some tequila shots. 

"Oh, playing hard to get arent you.?" He laughed then he started to rub my thighs.

"Stop it or I will fucking throw a brick at your face." I said while flicking his hand off.

"Oh. really? We will see about that." he said while putting a smirk on his face. Then he immediatly grabbed me by my legs and threw me over his shoulders. I tried to scream but the music was to loud for anybody to hear me. I kicked him in the balls with my knee caps, that always works. He still wouldn't stop so i kicked him harder and harder. It still wouldn't work. Does this guy not have any balls? Then he took me into a dark room and tied me to the wall.

"P-PLEASE STOP DON'T DO THIS! I AM SORRY! JUST PLEASE DONT." I screamed. All the memories of my dad came rushing back I started to cry. Then he ripped my dress off and took hsi own clothes off. 

"You have nice bra babe." He whispered under his breath. Then he untied me from the wall and threw me on the ground. Then I could tell that he was looking at all my cuts on my thighs. Then he looked up at me. "Who did this to you?" he said.

"I-I d-did." I stammered.

"Why?" he looked into my eyes which were full of fear.

"When I was 13 my Dad killed my mother in front of my own eyes. I don't exactly know why but he went crazy. Then he started to rape me and abuse me. I tried to escape but he would always find me. He would let me go to school so no one would get suspicious and whenever someone saw my bruises I was supposed to tell them I get bruised easily. I even tried to commit suicide, but my friend always saved me. He doesn't know what my Dad did. He just thought I tried to commit because my mom had died. He still doesn't know that my dad killed my mom and that he raped me. And whatever I do all the bad memories come rushing back into my mind." I said while sobbing.

"Where is your dad now?" he said softly.

"When I turned 17, I told him I was going to go buy groceries, but instead I took a train to London. I had no money, and no body since my friend Harry was in a boy band touring all over the world. Then finally we found eachother and here I am." I left out the part of how I was a gangster or whatever. 

"I'm so sorry heres your dress." He said. Just at that moment Harry walked in and he looked at me before he saw my cuts I put my dress over it. Harry immediatly walked over to the random guy I had just told my life story to and tied him up to the wall. 

"Harry Stop! Let him go!" I said. I quickly turned around and put my dress on and I had forgotten that I was wearing a thong so Harry was proabably looking at my ass. "Harry just let him go! I will explain everything later!" I said. Harry untied him and let him go. Harry ran to where I was sitting on the floor and sat next to me. I started crying because I needed to tell him the truth. He hugged me.

"Kasia, tell me what happened right now." He said while hugging me.

"Okay, just please do not get mad! Well I went to the bar to get some drinks for me and Niall. Then that guy started to flirt with me and he grabbed me and he brought me here. He took off my dress, but then he saw this." I lifted up my dress so Harry could see my cuts. I could tell he was in shock. He was holding back tears. Then he hugged me. 

"Why? Kasia, Why?" He cupped my face so he could look me in the eyes. 

"Ok Harry here is the truth." I explained everything to him. He was in shock.


"I dont know Harry, I dont know where he is." I said. At that moment Harry grabbed my face and kissed me. I couldn't believe this. I was in love with Harry all over again. 



*A/N* I am  IN LOVE  with this chapter I spent all day writing it! So I hope you like!

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