Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



27. Caribbean

                I walk out of the plane and suck in the fresh Caribbean air. 


                 "It's beautiful here" I whisper and smile to my self. 


                  "It is isn't it?" Booms Niall. Which makes me jump. 


                 "Oh shit, You scared me haha" I say to him giving him a  slight push. 


                  "Well sorry." He looks at me and sticks his tongue out. 


                  "Well, where's Harry?"  I say.


                   "I'm not sure where is he?" Says a voice behind me. It's obviously Harry.


                    "Okay So how are we supposed to get to this private Island? " I ask.


    "Well we are taking a boat. Someones driving us so yeah" Harry says slowly. We all  get into the car so we can get going. 


           After a while of driving we finally reach all the boats. The driver opens the doors for us and I thank him. We take our luggage into the boat and take a seat. I decide to go sit in between Harry and Niall. 


         "How long does it take to get to the island?" I ask as I take my phone out of my pocket. 


          "It should be about an hour." 


         "So it's only us and the workers that make the food and shit?"


         "Yea" Harry says softly while moving the hair out of my face.

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