Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



13. Back To Normal?

Kasia's pov

Where was I? My head was pounding and I couldn't see anything. Then I had remembered. I was probably at the beach. I had to force my self to get up, but to be honest I wanted to die on the spot. I slowly started to open my eyes. Ugh. Everything was so blurry, but there was something I could see clearly for sure. I saw a head full of curly hair, and a face soaked with tear stains. It was obviously Harry. 

"Harry?" I asked weakly. I was in the hospital fuck fuck fuck. What if they notice who I am? My suitcases shit. 

"KASIA?!" his eyes widened. "I thought you were gone. I'm so sorry." he said with a look of relief in his eyes.

"Harry, Where are my suitcases?" I said while sitting up.

"Don't worry I grabbed them and put them in my truck. Before we get out of here you have to remember this. Your name is Kasia, I am your boyfriend, your mom died when you were 13, your Dad died in a fire. Understand?" He whispered quickly. Then he picked me up bridal style and walked out of the door. What the fuck? 

He walked into the check in slash check out place.

"Hi I would like to take out Kasia, she is much better." Harry said. Oh so now he wants me to stay at his home with me?

"No problemo, the doctor checked, and he said she was dehydrated, she had some alchohal in her body so this is normal. Have a nice day!" Said the lady. Then Harry walked out the door. 

As we were getting closer to Harry's Range Rover, Niall was parked right next to it.

"Hi Niall." Harry said to him.

"Hello, are you guys like fine now or not?"  He asked.

"No. no we are good." I said to Niall.

"Okay thats good." Niall said while getting into the Audi, and starting it up. Harry put me in his Range Rover. And we drove off.

"So Harry, why were you crying? And how did you find me?" I asked while smirking. This was going to be good. 

"Well, I was afraid I was going to lose my best Friend, and when I realized you were not home I got worried. I didn't actually think you would leave." He said.

"Well Okay Harry." Things were getting back to normal to fast. I mean how do you just forgive someone like that? 

"Oh and Kasia, I wanted to ask you something. Are you on drugs?" 

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