Love is dangerous. And so Is Kasia Morgan



26. 15 minutes of fun

         I take a seat next to Niall, this is gonna be so awkward. "So, we are about to land! Aren't you so excited? When we get there I am literally going to go skinny dipping." I say a little awkwardly.

         "Yea, I'm sure Harry would like to join you" Niall sarcastically remarks and walks away. What was that about?

          "Look Niall I don't get why you're upset, it's not like you-" I stop myself before I say anything else. 

           "It's not like I what?" He turns around and glares at me. 


           "Nothing" I say without looking at him.


           "Just fucking tell me. My life is in danger because of you. I don't even know who they are and they are out to fucking get me. I did nothing wrong and all I ask is for you to finish your sentance. I had to come on this stupid ass fucking trip because of you." He yells. My stomach starts to stir. What he's saying is right.

             I walk to him and I grab the back of his head and pull him to my lips. I know i shouldn't be doing this. I just fucking kissed Harry and here I am kissing his best friend. I'm such a slut. He pulls me into his lap as he sits down. He takes off my pants and then my underwear. At first I forget about my cuts but then I remember that I'm wearing makeup over them. Something interupts us. It's the flight attendant.

          "Oh my!" She gasps with a look of horror on her face.  I'm sorry I just came here to tell you that we are about to land in 15 minutes." She quickly walks away. As she closes the door Niall and I being to laugh hysterically. 

         "THE LOOK ON HER FACE OH MY GOD" I throw my head back laughing as I remove myself from Niall's lap casually. I collect my pants and underwear of the floor and slip them back on.  I head to the room to wake Harry up. 

            "Harry get up we are landing" I yell into his ear. As I violently shake him. He covers his face with his pillow. 

            "Fuck off!" I laugh. 


            "You sure about that?"  I stand up on the bed and I start to jump."Niall get me a glass of cold water!" I laugh.


              "You WOULDN'T YOU'RE SUCH A BITCH" To my surprise he gets up and wraps his arms around my legs. I fall down laughing. 

             "Stop!" I try to say but I can't because I'm giggling to hard. Harry wraps his arms around me.And nuzzles his nose into the arch of my neck. As we cuddle. Just in that moment in comes Niall with a glass of water. I look up and start to mouth "spill the water on him." To my amusement Niall walks in and dumps the glass of water on Harry.,

          He immediatly jumps up and I get off the bed and run into Niall's arms laughing. 

"This is not FAIR" screams Harry as he gets up and runs after us. I scream and run with Niall.I keep running until I bump into the fucking flight attendent.

"Sorry!" I say as I walk away.


        "We just landed you can make your way out and your luggage is outside in the car. Thanks for travelling with us." She smiles. 


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