What happend to my life?

My name is Hannah Walker and i'm 16 years old. I'm a blondine with green eyes. I had to move from my dad because he and mum divorced a couple of days ago. I was moving to Cheshire in England, but I'm from America.

What is going to happend when she meets a cruly haird boy. And what does his other friends think of her. Will she be happy or is she going to ask if she can move back to her dad?

Find out by Reading this story!


1. The new neighbor hood

Hannah's P.O.V.

Me and my mum just got to our house and it was actually quite big. There was someone on the door. ''Hannah can you open the door'' ''Yes mum'' I open the door to see a boy with cruly hair and a woman that I think is his mum. ''Hello dear, and welcome to the neightbor hood'' ''Hey, thanks. Come in'' I sai to them. ''Hannah who was on the door. Oh hello. My  name is Cher'' ''Hello Cher my name is Anne and this is my son Harry'' Anne said to my mum. ''I'm so sorry for the mess but we just got here'' ''It's ok. we can help you if you want to'' Anne said with a smile. ''Sure. We need all the help we can get. Hannah darlig are you sure I don't need to help you to get Your stuff up stairs'' ''Yes mum I'm sure. I can do it fine by my self'' I said a little annoyd. ''I can help you in the Kitchen and Harry can help Your dauther'' ''Yes this way'' Mum said and then they dissapeard. I triped but someone catched me. ''Thanks'' ''Here let me help you so you don't trip again'' He said. ''Fine. just set it in here'' I said to him. ''Cool room. fits Perfect to a beautiful girl'' he said looking at me. ''What did you say?'' ''Nothing. just that this room is cool.'' ''Oh. okay'' I said a little curius what he said.


An Hour later

''Done'' I finally said. ''Yes you have a lot of stuff'' he joked. ''not funny'' ''Can I ask you a question?'' he asked me. ''Sure'' I said with a smile. ''Why did you move here?'' ''Oh'' I said a little sad. ''Mum and dad got divorced and I didn't got permission to stay with dad'' ''What you don't like me, so you want to go and live with Your dad?'' he asked fake sad. I started to laugh. ''Of course I like you, but I don't know you jet'' I said and kissed his cheek. He blushed, it's so cute when boys blush.


Harry's P.O.V.

I can't belive this girl kissed me om the cheek. I hope I'm not blushing. ''Awee, you are cute when you blush'' she said to me. Fuck she saw it. I think I like this girl. She is diffrent from the other Girls at my School. I love her fit body and her sparklig green eyes. ''Stop staring at me it's creepy'' she said as is I was kiddnaping her. ''Oh, sorry'' I said biting my lips. ''Awee you like me. You like me. That's so cute, but just so you know I have a boyfriend'' she said in a serius tone. Fuck, Why does she have a boyfriend. ''Oh'' was all I could say. She laught at me. ''I was just kidding Haz. You were startlig to get jelly weren't you'' she said teasing me. ''Haha, not funny'' ''sorry'' she said in a sad voice. ''Don't be sad pleasee I hate when Girls I like is sad.'' Fuck did I just say I liked her. ''Y-you l-like me?'' she said in disbelief. I walked closer and closer to her. ''Yes. I like you Hannah'' I said. She didn't look at me. I lifted up her chin and kissed on the mouth. Shit what did I just do, now she's not going to like me. She looked shooked. But before any of us could say anything my mum had to Call for me. ''Harry We are liveing now'' ''Bye Hannah'' I said hoping she would answer, but all she did was nodding her head. I walked home and up to my room. Now she will just belive that I'm a player, but I'm not. I hate my self for doing that.


Someone is calling me on skype. ''Ello. The other buys is with me to'' Niall said through skype. ''Nice. I know you want to know how she was'' ''YES. Of course We will'' Louis yelld, and everyone started to laugh. ''She is quite fit. and I think I distroyed my chanses with her'' ''Fuck Harry what did you do now?'' Liam said worried. ''I kind of kissed her on the mouth and when my mum yelld that we were going and I said bye all she did was nodding her head'' I said in a sad tone. ''Guys I think Harry is falling for this gurl. And you know we have to help him, so he can get her'' Zayn Said and I knew he would help me and the other boys nodded agreed. ''Well I'm tired I help her and her mum to pack out stuff in they're house. So I think I just go to sleep'' ''Okay. Bye Hazza'' They said and then I hung up. I went to my bed ant coulden't stop thinking about her. I fell asleep after a while and Started to dream about how she hated me and liked Jake who is the most popular guy in School.

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