Fake Dates & Fan Pages

Trent and Tilly trick on Austin and Ally on fake date for their anaversay and Adam and Dez make an Auslly fan page sequel to Christmas & Cookies


2. New Articles & New Masks

(Goes to the food court) 

Dez: what should the next article be about 

Adam: maybe we can follow them on their date and take pictures and stuff

Dez: sweet operation faatd is a go 

Adam: what 

Dez: operation follow Austin & Ally on their date is a go duh

(Trish walks up)

Trish: hey guys 

Adam: why are you wearing a darth vader mask?

Trish: cause of my giant pimple 

Dez: c'mon it can't be that bad 

Trish: (lifts up her mask)

Adam & Dez: AHHH 

Trish: oh shut up 

Adam: that thing is bigger than Dez's big toe 

Trish: Adam!

Adam: what speaking the truth here 

Trish: (rolls her eyes) hey Dez

Dez: yeah 

Trish: I am your father 

Dez: (jumps up and runs off) AHH

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