Fake Dates & Fan Pages

Trent and Tilly trick on Austin and Ally on fake date for their anaversay and Adam and Dez make an Auslly fan page sequel to Christmas & Cookies


3. Kidnapped & Butt Kicked

(Austin and Ally walk in the restaraunt ) 

(they are leaded to a room that is dark except for the candles surrounding the piano which at the top said take a seat they do) 

(Austin feels something wrap around his ankle so does Ally) 

(the lights come on and they see Tilly and Trent standing I'm front of them)

Tilly: hello Austin Ally 

Austin: what do you douche bags want 

Trent: for you two to write me and my honey boo a duet 

Ally: honey boo?

Tilly: yep I'm Trent's girlfriend 

(goes outside) 

Adam: oh no! Trent and Tilly are holding them hostage 

Dez: what do we do

Adam: well we can't go in alone 

Dez: I know someone who can help us 

Trish: who? 

Dez: Mindy (takes out his phone and dials her number) 

Mindy: hi dezzycakes 

Dez: hey Mindy I need your help 

Mindy: with what 

Dez: saving Austin and Ally we're at 116 baker st 

Mindy: on my way


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