Love Isn't Immediate

Liam and Skylar don't hit it off at first when she's forced to go to a signing with her friend, Emma. Skylar isn't like other girls, who fangirls in their face, who cakes their make up on, who flips out if her nail gets broke. Liam notices that at the signing, little does Skylar know that Emma has slipped One Direction their phone numbers.


1. The Dreadful Day

Skylars POV 

"Skylar, get up! Its finally the day!"  

My friend, Emma, exclaimed as she shook me awake. Today was the day of the big 'One Direction Signing,' Emma was a big fan of them. Me, on the other hand, not so much. Yea, I thought a couple of them were cute, but I wasn't to fond of their music. Emma is dragging me to there today, sadly. Once I got up out of my bed, I went to the kitchen to fix some breakfast for us. Emma and I live in a flat together, we had always dreamed of living together since we were little girls. 

"Aren't even excited a little bit? Gosh, Skylar. THEY ARE FAMOUS!" 

She shouted, the people above us probably heard her. 

"No i'm not. Not one tiny bit. I don't wanna go at all. But you're forcing me to go."

I stated reminding her that she is forcing me to go. She walked off rolling her eyes, grabbing a Pop-Tart. I heard the shower running once I finished eating, I went and sat down on our couch. I flipped the TV on, hoping something would be good on at 8:30 in the morning. Yea, she made me get up at 8:30, the signing doesn't start until 1. Every channel I turned on, it was about One Direction. Great. I heard the shower turned off, so I waited around five minutes, so that if I walked in the bathroom, she wouldn't be nude. That wouldn't be good. It's not like she's fat or ugly. I always thought she was pretty, she had medium length brunette hair, chocolate eyes, and she was skinny. She'd call her self fat everyday, but she knows she isn't. Everyone told us we looked alike. I think it was because we about the exact same color hair, mine was just longer. We were the same height too, 5'3''. We are short for 19, we know. I think the only difference was that I had freckles across my cheeks that only appeared in the Summer, and I had green eyes. I went and hopped into the shower. It took me slightly a longer time than Emma because I had longer hair. Once I wrapped the towel around me and walked out of the bathroom, Emma was standing by the door, in her Hollister shorts, bright pink v-neck and her navy blue converse, most likely waiting for the straightener. I walked out into my room, put my undergarments on. I opened my dresser and grabbed my skinny jeans, and slipped them on, surprisingly I managed not to fall while doing so. I went to my closet and grabbed a shirt, I didn't care what I looked like, just presentable, so I grabbed my sleeveless, button up, teal chiffon shirt from Abercrombie. My shirt had a collar on it which was my favorite thing about it. I curled my hair, then put mascara and winged my eye liner, just a little bit, I don't try and make it looked like I was raped by Crayola. I grabbed my phone off the charger and went into Emma's room to see if she was ready or not. 

"Are you ready yet?"

I questioned her as I walked into her room.

"Almost! Then we can go!"

Emma Informed me.

"Good, the faster we leave the faster we'll be back!"

I told her, knowing it would annoy her because she would want to spend as much time as she can with the boys. I seen her get up, grab her phone, which meant she was ready. 

"Lets go!"

Emma stated walking passed me, I followed her out the door and into her car. As we drove there, she kept asking questions to make sure she looked good. While she's asking a million questions i'm just thinking, they're a boy band with a lot of money. What's going to make them want us? I was on Twitter the whole ride there, I was reading all the tweets going to One Direction saying that they are going to be at their signing in London today, and blah, blah, blah. I noticed that the car parked, and by the time we got there, it was 12:47. We walked into the place that was there, and the line was ginormous and the worst part is that we were all the way at the end. So i'd be standing here all day. There was a few girls behind us, wearing One Direction shirts, holding a million things for them to sign. Emma brought their Take Me Home album. Emma and I sat down, and once the line would move we would just scoot over. 

The line actually went sort of fast, we had to stand up cause some person told us that we couldn't sit down on the floor. I thought that was foolish. As we were getting closer, Emma was freaking out more and more. I kept telling her to calm down. 

We finally made it to the front of the line, I was glad because that meant we could leave soon. 

"Hello, love. What would you like us to sign?"

The blonde one asked Emma, if I recall correctly his name was Niall. Emma then handed him her cd. 

"Anything you would like us to sign, love?"

A guy with a deep voice asked, it wasn't as deep as the others. I think this guy's name was Liam. I thought he was the cutest out of all of them. I seen Emma scribbling down things on a piece of paper, it looked like numbers. If she was giving them my number too, i'm gonna kill her. 

"Oh no, i'm just here for her."

I informed him and he smiled at me. 

" Oh my god. Oh my god."

Emma mumbled as she was pulling me away.

"I can't believe I just met One Direction and they have our numbers!"

Emma stated which sent anger through my body. I didn't want her to do this. 


I shrieked of anger at her. I looked back at the boys and Liam was holding a tiny piece of paper and typing something into his phone...maybe this won't be such a bad thing I thought.


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