1D one shots

Hello! im here for 1D one shots. If you want one, just give me your name, which boy and anything else.


3. For Rochelle



FOr rochelle i did two cause i did not know which boy you wanted lol


             It was on of those Saturday nights that you stayed up until 12 or so, you were watching tv, but soon got bored of it. 

Harry looked at you and smiled, you smiles back and reached for your phone but he stopped you. Sure there’s times where he doesn’t want you to use your phone during a movie ,but his hand felt stronger than usual.

“Haz?” You questioned. “Are you ok?” You finished.

“Just fine, but don’t use your phone god dammit, it’s rude.” He clenched his jaw.

You were frighten by this Harry, he was never like that. He would be cheeky and nice like a normal boyfriend, but something was different. He wasn’t acting like the boyfriend you loved.

“It’s rude when you’re watching a movie in your own home?” You spat back.

He rolled his eyes and snatched your phone away.

“Harry give it back.” You said calmly. 
You weren’t really the ones who fought or stuff.

“No, now watch the movie!”

He never screamed at you, ever. This was strange. Very very strange.

You rolled your eyes and went inside your bedroom locking the door.

“Rochelle open the fuckin’ door!” He shouted.

He pounded on the door making you scared. Like one of those scary movies or something.

“Harry what’s wrong with you?!” You said sobbing.

“Nothing is wrong!” He said kicking the door open.

This was very strange. You were scared.

“Harry!” You shouted. “Stop this isn’t you!”

“You shut up, I saw you texting a guy and it looked like you two were flirting! I am your boyfriend not him! Love me, not him! I love you more than you can imagine and you go and flirt with another guy, please I just want you to love m-me.” He sobbed.

He was crying, god you felt so bad.
You went over to him and hugged him.

“Show me the messages.” You said.

He got your phone showing the messages from “my baby boo ;**”

“See you gave him two kisses. And on my contact you just have me as “babe”, with no kisses.”

“Harry “my baby boo” is my brother, I barley get to see him since he is in collage I put the winky faces cuz we were talking about his girlfriend. And the reason why I don’t put kisses on your contact is because you can get them anytime you want.”

He had that dumb look on his face and then laughed shyly. “Sorry.” He said.

“It’s ok next time something is bothering you just tell me instead of making a scene.”

He chuckled, “can I get that kiss then?”

You went over to him and kisses his soft lips, that tasted like salt water form him crying, but you loved it anyway.

“I love you Harry and only you.”





Niall: It was another long night. Your best friend, Niall, was off jet setting around the world, having gorgeous girls throw themselves at him…he was living every guy’s dream. And where were you? Stuck in your flat missing him, while drinking tea, and getting ready for bed after another rainy movie/stay-inside all-day day. You had just brushed your teeth and were climbing into bed, when your iPhone rang on the nightstand table where it was plugged in. You had been hoping it was Niall, to pick up and hear him say, “I’m coming home early. I love you, I should’ve told you sooner. I’m sorry, meet me at the airport.” Or something else that seemed like it belonged in a romantic movie. But then again, you wished for that every day, only to be let down. Slightly depressed, you answered the phone, “Hello?” “Rochelle?” a giggle came through from the other end. “Liam..? What’re you gu—” You were cut off by more stifled laughs and giggles, now being able to make out the other boys’.  “Look not a lotta time to explain,” Liam whispered. “But Niall’s talking about you in his sleep, thought you might wanna hear it.” You could hear someone in the background loudly whisper “Say it again Niall”. Say what again? you wondered.Suddenly, Niall’s Irish-accent came through, heavy with sleep, which only made it more attractive, “Rochelle…” Okay, so that proved he was talking about you. Big whoop. Y’all were best friends. “What about Rochelle?” someone, sounded like Louis, tried to clarify for your sake. “..love..love her…” More giggles. You felt your face flush, though no one could see it, when you heard a woosh then Liam saying “Whoops. He’s awake. Gotta go. See ya soon, love. Bye from the boys!” Then silence. The call ended, and minutes passed before your phone vibrated alerting you to a message. Niall: Well…At least now you know… xx




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