1D one shots

Hello! im here for 1D one shots. If you want one, just give me your name, which boy and anything else.


2. for Chole

      "Chole! I'm Bored!" Harry whimpered while untangling himself from my legs. 

"Well then what do you want to do?" i asked him. 

" Lets play hide and go seek. I will hide and you can find me." he whispered while planting a smirk on his face. He got up from the bed and ran to go hide. I got up to and put one of Harry's shirts on. 

"7,8,9,10. Here i come!" I yelled out. Now, Where was he? I got out of the bedroom and looked around the living room. I looked behind the curtains and of course he was not there. "Fuck" i mumbled under my breath. I walked over to the kitchen and looked in all of the cup boards. i walked down the stairs to go check the other bedrooms. When i walked into the first bedroom i was pushed on to the bed. Haha I found him. 

"Hi there Chole" whispered Harry, " I changed my mind lets play something else. Lets play.... so hot. All we have to do is kiss, but we can't touch each other, and who ever wins gets to do whatever they want to the other person." he said. 

"okay, fine." I said to him.


"Oh, by the way Chole, you should wear my clothes more often you look hot." he laughed. " okay lets start." he whispered seductively. I started to kiss him and i placed my hands under my bum so i wouldn't be to tempted. i lasted about 2 minutes, I "accidentially" started toching his curly hair. 

"HAHA I win" Harry said. " Now, i get to do whatever i want to you."  he pushed me under him and he started to kiss me. Then he slowly took his shirt off me, he stripped his boxers off too. Then he unclipped my bra and slowly took my underwear off. He picked my up bridal style and walked up the stairs holding me. "I want to do this in my bedroom. For memories." 


"What the fuck do you mean?" I  laughed, and you know what happens next.

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