little tomlinson


3. preseant day

jullie's p.o.v

dear journal,

it's been one year since louis left and mom and dad got a divorse i live with mom so it's okay but i just wished that i could call louis more i miss him and his girlfirend eleanor is amazing 


louis p.o.v

well i'm going to doncaster to meet jul the boys and the girls are coming (harry,zayn,and niall are single) jullie does not know its a suprise.


harry's pov

i cant wait to meet jul i heard shes sweet and flirty like me 

zayns pov

were in the front door of jullie's house i cant wait to meet her so let's see what she looks like 

jullies pov

when i opend the door i saw one direction,el,and dani.

i was shocked and suprised i huged the boys but when i huged harry i felt butterfly's in my stomach 

there was something bout him that i liked



jul was beautiful when i huged her i felt butterfly's in my stomach i just know she's the one

we were staring at each others eyes for quit a time until louis coughed 

and said lets watch a movie. jul picked the movie love actually and i loved it.

everyone sat down on the couch and jul had no space so i whisperd to her if she wanted to  sit on my lap

"tanks harry"jul said louis was giving us a death glare but i just shrugged it off

soon every one was asleep and it was only me and jul awake i stared at each others eyes again but this time i......

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