That One Night

When Jasmine and Harry made love, little did they know that they would be bringing a little bundle of joy to the world. Will Jasmine keep her pregnancy a secret? Will Harry find out? How will Harry react? Follow Jasmines pregnancy troubles in this new novel.
Hey guys, I am really bad at blurbs! This is my first movella so please enjoy!


1. Positive

I gulped as I looked at the result. Positive. The words echoed through my ears. Could I really be pr-pre-preg-pregnant with "NO!" I whispered. I can't ruin his career just because, because I'm. I sighed and sat down onto the toilet seat. How's he going to handle this? It was one night after all, one night that changed my life. 



I looked online to see if he's done anything lately and if he knows he didn't use protection. I shouldn't been worried anyway. I'm his girlfriend. His friend. I hope. Even through this. I checked his twitter, instagram and Facebook. Nothing. Thank god. He probably doesn't know. Not yet anyway. And if he found out... 

Suddenly, the familiar intro of my favourite gossip news channel came on. The news reporter reported that Harry Styles has been flirting with some girl at a club. There were pictures too, of him and the girl looking very intimate. I felt like my heart was broken like shattered glass. Before I knew it, my vision became blurry and the tears came streaming down my face. Why is Harry doing this to me? Harry. I thought he loved me. I guess not.


Hows Harry going to react to the news that I'm pregnant. I have to try and stay positive. I don't want this baby to have a depressing childhood with a depressed mother and no father in the picture at all. I'm too young to be a Mum anyway. I'm bloody 19! I started getting really anxious so I bit my nails. I snapped out of my trance when I heard a sound from my phone indicating a new message. I unlocked my phone to see who it was. That one person I didn't want to talk to. Harry.

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