That One Night

When Jasmine and Harry made love, little did they know that they would be bringing a little bundle of joy to the world. Will Jasmine keep her pregnancy a secret? Will Harry find out? How will Harry react? Follow Jasmines pregnancy troubles in this new novel.
Hey guys, I am really bad at blurbs! This is my first movella so please enjoy!


2. I can explain!

I'm lucky I have my own flat, otherwise my Mum would know about my pregnancy straight away. I read the text that Harry sent me:

"That night was incredible   I'm sorry you had to hear the news. Give me a second chance and let me explain. Meet me at Starbucks at 10.30. H xx"

Phew. Thank god he didn't know he made me pregnant. I text back:

"Ok but this is your chance Haz. See you there Jasmine

I locked my phone and went to sleep. I had enough on my mind. All I need is sleep.


I woke up to see Harry's cheeky grin. "Get up! It's 11am! You didn't come." he said showing off his dimple. I groaned and turned my head the other way. "Go away Haz! But how did you get into my bloody apartment?" I asked. "I need to see your face Jaz, that's why I have a spare key.When you didn't come, I was so worried Jaz." he whispered. I continued, "Im sorry Harry but I was just so tired and hearing the news and...""I can explain." he butted in. We stared at each other for a few moments, taking in each others company. "This is your last chance Haz. Come on I'll make you some tea." I replied as he smirked at me.


Authors Note:

I promise not many authors notes, but I would just like to say that I hope your enjoying the book and im sorry that I didn't update it earlier! Thanks, Hannah

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