That One Night

When Jasmine and Harry made love, little did they know that they would be bringing a little bundle of joy to the world. Will Jasmine keep her pregnancy a secret? Will Harry find out? How will Harry react? Follow Jasmines pregnancy troubles in this new novel.
Hey guys, I am really bad at blurbs! This is my first movella so please enjoy!


3. Argument over tea

I made the tea and gave a mug to Harry. "Thanks." he mumbled. We stared into each others eyes again. Those green eyes... I finally decided to break the silence. "So about that girl..." I confronted. "It was nothing, I swear. SHE started flirting and trying to snog me. I just simply told her to f**k off and that I have a girlfriend." He said looking into my hazel eyes. My heart warmed when he said girlfriend. Did he really love me? "What about the pictures?" I asked him. "That was nothing Jaz! Nothing! I love you and only you. Don't you trust me?" he shouted. He sighed and put his mug down as I stayed frozen. Do I trust him? Should I tell him that I'm pregnant? "Can I use the loo?" he asked as I nodded. "Wait!" I cried as he turned around. Should I tell him that I'm pregnant? Or should I brush it aside? My head is full of questions. "What?" he asked. "N-N-No-Nothing." I stumbled. He leaned forward to kiss me, but then he thought better of it and leaned back and bit his lip. He turned away to walk towards the bathroom as I pulled out my phone and started playing Angry Birds. I was interrupted when I heard Harry shout, "WHAT THE F**K IS THIS JASMINE?" he walked out of the bathroom holding my pregnancy test.


I stayed frozen as the guilt rushed through me. "Why didn't you tell me? I thought you trusted me!" he screamed. "I was going to but..." I trailed off. "You were? Jaz, I thought this realtionship was about trust and honesty. We are done. Don't ever f**king talk to me again. You hear me?" he shouted as the tears came streaming down. My worst night mare has come true, Harry leaving me and no father for this child. Then he left. Without a word. Just left. No goodbye. That boy left with a peice of my fragile heart.


Authors Note:

Hey, I will keep this short and sweet. It was really difficult for me to write this chapter so I hope you liked it :)

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