lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


5. their numbers

 kayla's POV- we were about to leave nando's while cayden and hunter were in the car waiting then harry and niall came up to us and said. "here text us", while giving us a piece of paper. "okay" we smirked going back to the car. cayden wasnt driving this time so me and him were in the back he helps me in the car and i cuddle up next to him. "hey babe your not in love with that harry guy are you?",he asks sad. "umm no i care for you", i reassure him. "okay babe", he says relived. we started kissing but he wasnt even asking for access like he liked where we were, simple and sweet. we got out of the car and cayden carried me upstairs bridal style and laid me on the bed. "boo i wanna show you how much i love you can i?", he asks permission. i shake my head no teasing him as he is getting angry. "please", he begs. "i cant boo im sowwy", i say cutely. "why not?", he asks innocently. "because i dont think we should its not really going to be meaningful yet", i say explaining. "is this about harry!", he starts getting mad. "no not at all", i say scared of what cayden is going to do "well then show me", he said smirking i giggled and passionately kissed him, "i dont need to have sex to show you i love you", i say giving him an innocent look. 

    Makayla's POV- after kayla and cayden ran upstairs hunter carried me to the couch while hovering over me his sweet little kisses ran down my collarbone. I moaned softly not controlling it. "okay I think we should stop", i say irritated that i liked it. "why?" he smirked teasing me by continuing. i begged him to stop but he continues making me give in. i abruptly stood up from the couch and walked away while he gasp "i wasnt done with you your getting punished",smirking "hunny im punished trust me i think i want it more that you right now but i cant",i say seriously.  " is it because of niall?", he says irritated. "umm no what the hell!", i say madly. "im sorry you seem to enjoy him more than me", he says getting very pissed. "well then hell maybe i do!",i yell at him. "well then maybe you should be with him!",he says yelling back. "hold up let me call him and telling im single and on the market again!", i scream. hunter walks out the door getting extremely pissed. i ended up calling niall. "hello?", he answered. "hey", i reply. "you called?", niall asked. "well im all alone", i say sadly. "well wanna hang out?", he asks. "sure!", i screamed/ talked into the phone. "okay see you soon", niall says while hanging up.

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