lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


3. the question

 Kayla'sPOV- he was on his way over but as he was coming i was running around the house getting ready and picking up. "MaKayla where is the eye liner!?!?" i ask getting mad."in the makeup back", she yells back. "i cant find it!!", i say getting more mad. she came up stairs and grabbed the eye liner out of the bag "its right here dummie", she says annoyed. "o sorry boo", i say putting it on with the other makeup. as i was putting on my make up he was at the door " your boyyyfriendd is here!" i hear makayla yell from the door as he walking in and sat down. "wow, you look...different.", he says with eyes open. "well maybe thats because im not wasted and i have make up on."i laugh being sarcastic. "well im not wasted either and i can see you better", he laughs. "well... so you didnt even know what i looked like half the night haha", i said weirdly. "no i could see most of you it was just blurry", he says shyly. "wooowwwww", i say back annoyed. "what?" he asks. "nothing", i look down while pouting. he walks over to caress my face and and kiss me passionately. "even if i didnt really see you last night i still think you are beautiful now", he says in my ear. "well cause thats not cliche at all", i say while giggleing as he kisses me again. "well are you guys done now or do i need to get you a room", makayla say sarcastically. "Well i dont know", i say laughing. "kayla can we go outside for a moment?", cayden said while leading me out the front door. "yes?", i say curiously. "kayla i think i really like you and i wanna be more than just friends", he says blushing. at this time i am smaking my knee cracking up at how cliche this is. "okay go on", i say teasing him. "will you go out with me?" he asks. "sure boo", i say giving him a kiss. 

  Hunter's POV- kayla and cayden came back in the flat they had told us they were a couple now and i cant help but want to ask out makayla. "hey makayla i have a question", i state a bit scared of what her reaction would be. "okay?" she wonders. so i take her in the bedroom. "makayla I think i may have bigger feelings then i thought for you." i say shaking in my skin. "yeah i can tell", she says jokingly. "nice.. so will you", i got cut off by her answer. "YES!",she shouts impatiently. we go down stairs holding hands as we tell kayla and cayden the news

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