lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


1. the party

kayla's POV- "kayla hurry up you whore" makayla screams from the bottom of the stairs. we had moved in together being the best friends we are so we could stay besties forever," okay!! geez im coming" i scream back. We were planning on going to a party for our friends b-day. i walked down the stairs in my bright blue aqua dress and black heels and my hair curled. "wow you slut" makayla says jokingly. "haha I KNOW RIGHT" i joked back. we left the Flat and made our way to the party."were here!" makayla screams with excitement. we get out of the taxi and walk inside the club finding our friend logan. she was waiting for us to arrive and when we did we all group hugged."i missed you guys so much" she tells us screaming over the music. we replied " we missed you too boo" still screaming over the music. we all sat down after we hugged and had gotten some drinks. " that guy keeps looking at me", i said to makayla. " well then go talk to him DUHHH!" makayla gives me a stupid look, like im stupid. I smile and he ends up walking over "hi there" he says. "H-hi" i said stumbling over my words shyly. " are you here with someone?" he asks. " yeah just some friends" I replied. "nice" he smiled while he said it. "well whats your name?" i asked. "Cayden" he replied. I grinned. "what?" he asked. "nothing just i really like your name" i replied. "whats your name,love?" he asked. "kayla" i replied sweetly. "aww thats a beautiful name" he says. "thanks", I blushed. By then he lifted my chin and kissed me sweetly I was surprised at the moment and then kissed back. then makayla came back from the restroom, " wow I leave for one moment and your slutting it up", she says jokingly. i giggled, then Cayden stopped the kiss and sat next to me. "well you got a one night stand huh?" makayla asks jokingly again. I looked at her with my eyes squinted, "maybe I do" i said. "well then dont be to loud" makayla stated. i laughed "I was joking geez woman". we all laughed when the laugh had died down makayla had a guy come up to her.

makayla's POV- This random guy just came up to me but he was good looking so im not complaining. "hey", he says with his raspy voice. "hey", I say back., "whats your name beautiful?" he asks. "Makayla", I say confidently. "nice mines hunter" he says smirking, "remember thats the name you will be screaming in bed tonight", he says. "umm I dont think so mister". i snap back."why not?", he pouts. "because you dont talk to a girl like that", i say irritated. "okay",he sighs. it has been hours at this party so we gave hugs and kisses getting into are taxi drunk and wasted with Cayden and hunter with us.

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