lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


6. the lazy day

kaylas POV- i walked down stairs and saw makayla crying over what hunter had just done and she told me everything. "wow what a jerk", i state. "he's lucky i wasnt around...thats just wow". "i know.. he got mad at me cause i said i liked niall" she says sobbing. "well you cant help that you have been attracked to him". "yeah", she says reasuring herself." wanna go get some ice cream?", i asked hoping it would make her feel better. "no, niall's on his way to come hang out", she says with a smile. "okay", i say guessing that he will help her. i walked back upstairs to cayden and he was spread out on the bed with a rose in his mouth. "well thats hot hun", i say sarcasticly laughing. "oww i know it is", cayden says giggling. i jumped into bed with him falling asleep in his cozy warm arms as he snuggled me.

(the next morning)

  Makayla's POV- i woke up in nialls arms feeling the best i  have ever felt in my life.(and btw no we did not have sex). he was snoring in my ear it was so adorable and annoying at the same time. i tried to escape without waking him,but then he woke up. "where are you going?", he asked. "nowhere.. just didnt want you snoring in my ear", i giggle as he got embarressed. "well im sorry,love", he says blushing. "its okay",i say being quiet because cayden and kayla were still sleeping. "wanna go get breakfast,love?",he asks hungrily."where at?" i ask wondering. "how bout the corner cafe?", he asks. "i love that place lets go",i say following him out the door. we walked to the corner cafe and got breakfast while bringing back some for kayla and cayden.

    caydens POV- i woke up snuggling with kayla. she is the only girl i have loved in awhile, she seems so innocent in her sleep. i wonder if she still thinks about that harry guy?. i look over to her phone thinking should i really do this and then i back off as she wakes up. "hey beautiful, goodmoring", i say staring into her eyes. "moring boo" she says giving me a peck on the lips while geting up to shower. by then makayla and niall were home with the food. " we brought back some food for you guys", niall yells. "nicee"i say walking down the stairs."thanks niall", i say taking my food out of the bag. "no problem mate", he says shrugging. kayla walks down stairs with her hair wet but still in a bun. "aww you look adorable kay", makayla says making her blush. "thanks",kayla says. i couldnt help but stare at her beauty." so what are we going to do today?", kayla asks. "well why dont we all have a lazy day", i say laughing. "sounds good to me",niall laughs too. so we all chilled in the flat watching movies, me and makayla were in our sweats with messy buns in our hair, and the boys were just in sweats with no shirts.

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