lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


10. meeting the boys

harry's P.O.V

    Me and niall were talking about it and we think its about time that the girls meet the boys and when we told them they were quite excited. so i called louis. "hey mate", he answered the phone. "hey lou", i replied. "you called?",lou asked. "yes i was wondering if you guys wanted to meet kayla and makayla?". "of course bring them on over mate", lou said excited so when the girls got done getting ready we drove over to the boys flat.

    liams P.O.V

    kayla walked into the flat and geez was she pretty i was suddenly very jealous of harry and i blushed in the middle of my thoughts and got cut out of my thoughts by kayla putting her hand out for me to shake and saying "hey". "hhi im liam." i intrduced myself. "im very aware of this", she giggled. then she walked towards the other boys as makayla came behind her and introduced themselves.

    louis P.O.V

   we were all just sitting there bored and all of a sudden a idea popped into my head. TRUTH OR DARE!!!. "HEY GUYS LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!"i said excitedly. "okay!!",kayla said willingly. we then formed a circle in the living room of our flat. "makayla truth or dare?", i asked. "dare!!!!", makayla said eager. "you have to whisper something in nialls ear till he gets a boner but u cant touch him", i said giggleing to myself. "yay", makayla winked at me. i think i almost got one geez makayla was so hot. makayla whispered something in nialls ear and oh my god it worked he ran upstairs into the bathroom so fast i dont think i have ever seen him run faster.

     makayla's P.O.V

   lou was very attractive i wasnt even gonna lie. he was so sexy but i am with niall so i need to stop when niall got back to the room i giggled and it was my turn. "kayla truth or dare?", i asked. "dare of course", kayla winked at me and for some reason attracked liam and louis. "i dare you to give liam a lap dance", i said. "how long?", kayla winked at me again. "ten inch... i.. i mean seconds", i stuttered. at that liam blushed. then harry gave me a glare because he was mad that i gave that dare to his girlfriend. then kayla got ontop of liams lap and something happend no one excpected. liam grabbed her ass. with that i burst into a fit of laughter that no one else joined in. Harry on the other hand just looked like a tomato so me being me i had to point it out. "Harry! no need for that bitch fit coming up!" with that he left the room. Kayla felt bad and left to go comfort him and Liam was just sitting there like nothing happened. I again point it out "so Liam, Hows that crush on Kayla you have going?" i said with a smirk. everyone else just looked at me with a shock like i wasnt gonnna mention anything. Bitches think they know me. "I dont like Kayla like that. She has Harry." he tries to say convinvingly. I obviously saw past it. But right as i was about to say something Harry and Kayla walk back in the room. "Alright, my turn to choose a victim" Kayla says.






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