lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


7. Later

Kaylas POV- cayden after watching movies in front of niall had jumped ontop of me and was kissing down my collarbone making me giggle. "lets go up stairs", cayden suggests. "yeah that would be great", makayla said annoyed,with niall nodding. "okay then", i said as cayden picked me up bridal style to the bedroom. he lied me down on the bed. i giggled as he kissed down my body."wait what am i getting myself into", i say wondering to go through with it. "i love you babe",he says rasing himself back up to my lips kissing me intensely. "i love you too, but i dont know if i wanna get really involved yet", i say staring into his eyes. "okay babe ill wait i love you", he says kissing me on the lips which made it deeper and deeper by the moment. i look up at him his eyes glimmering looking into mine. "im tired boo",  i say in a whiney voice. "okay baby",he said cuddling up to me sweetly. "wanna go back down stairs?",i asked. "sure", he replied.

   Niall's POV- i cannot belive he just did that right infront of me with the girl harry admires well i guess they are dating but still...geez. i walk over to makayla putting my arm round her. "babe will you go out with me",i ask. "of course i will", she says kissing me. thankgod she didnt say no. "i couldnt live a day without you.", i say raping her in my arms. "awww niall your so sweet",she says lowering her head sinking into my chest falling asleep. my little princess. then kayla and cayden walked down stairs "sorry", she whispered. "no its okay", i said motioning for her to sit next to me. she had for some reason snuggled up next to which made cayden mad. "why so close?"i ask her. "well im cold your warm and im tired", she says half asleep."okay?",i say wondering if she likes me too. "do you like me or something?",i ask. ", your more of a brother.", she says wierded out. "ohh i see",i say snuggling her like i would a sister. then she had got up and walked back over to cayden.

  Kayla's POV- i was snuggled up with niall he was warm but then i went back to cayden who was giving me a mad look. "yes boo?",  i ask. "so now you flirting with niall to huh?",he said rudely. "no..he's like a brother to me",i said getting frusterated. "well i dont see many sisters do that with there brothers", he said pissed. "fine if you dont belive me then i guess there isnt a reason to try an get you to", i say mad. "well im sorry i want my girlfriend to myself",he said furiously. "well you do nothings going on with niall he's with makayla", i say meanly. "okay i give up", he says walking out the door. as i put my head down to sob with my hands to my face hideing it.




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