lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


8. harry?

 kayla's P.O.V

     i called up harry we have been talking since he gave me his number so i asked him to hang out "sure ill be on my way", harry said while leaving the apartment. I had got up and started to put makeup on and get ready so i didnt look like death and makayla was too. we were getting ready listening to music when we both started singing sorry... by all star weekend and niall had heard us, he had came in and looked at both of us confused wrapping his arms around makayla looking at both of us "i didnt know you two could sing", he said still wowed. "yeah", i said embarressed i am shy about my singing so is makayla. "you are amazing guys why havent i known about this?", niall said wondering. "well i didnt think it was that big of a deal", makayla says lauging. "umm... when your that good it is.", niall said laughing. "well harry is on his way i forgot to tell you", i told niall, "yay!", niall was jumping in joy. i looked down at my phone and saw harry had tweeted. "going to see @kay-kay14 cant wait". i blushed and giggled , then i heard a knock at the door niall had got it before me i laughed while coming down the stairs. "wow kayla you even prettier than i remember", he said breathlessly. "thanks", i said blushing," you look handsome as well", i added. harry walked over to me and hugged me with his toned arms around my waist. "harry what about your mate", niall said whining making me laugh. harry gave him a huge hug too. "OHH yeah harry these two can sing and hid it from us", niall says. "Oh really harry said giving me a look. "what?", i asked " nothing just your so perfect and you can sing", he said. "me perfect okay whatever dude", i said weirdly. i looked down at me feet about to cry. "what is it what i said?", harry asked worried. "no definatly not you just i dont think im beautiful at all and i used to... nvm", i said weakly. "dont ask", makayla told harry knowing what had happend. "why not?", harry said stuburnly. "makayla you can tell him", i said still upset. makayla took harry into another room. "she used to abuse herself and if it wasnt for me getting her into one direction she still would be now and she dosent believe shes beautiful ever." makayla told him., "Oh wow didnt see that coming", harry said. he walked down sairs and saw niall comforting me and took over. "kayla i dont care what anyone used to say you are beautiful no matter what.", he said staring into my eyes. for some reason i believed him. "okay, i believe you", i said staring into his beautiful green eyes.

 makaylas P.O.V

    ugggg kayla and harry just need to get together he was the only one who made her beileve she was actually pretty trust me that means something. i looked at niall who was looking at me "are you thinking what im thinking", i say to him. he nods. "so why dont they just get together", i asked impationtly. "i dont know princess.", he said bringing me into a huge hug and kissed me softly on the lips. "i love you niall", oh my god did that just come out of my mouth. "i love you too princess", he said back which made me relived. phew i thought in my head.

harrys P.O.V

 wow kayla is amazingly gorgoeus and beautiful and i am the only one she believes i want to ask her out but i dont know how. were sitting on the couch watching a movie right now what do i do. i leaned in and kissed her passionatly. she didnt pull away at all thats a good sign. she pulled away after awhile. "i have waited so long to do that cupcake.", i say looking at her with nothing but passion.

kaylas P.O.V

 wow he just kissed me. "i have waited so long to do that cupcake.",he said. "i have wait so long for you to do that hazza", i smirked as he giggled while going in for more good thing no one else is home. he pulled away looking into my eyes. "kayla will you go out with me", he asked staring at me nervously. "well.... i have to think about it i mean my heart has been broken alot". i said you could see his face getting sad. you giggled" but ill have to say yes",i said making him in shock smiling helplessly we kissed and watched the rest of our movie.


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