lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


4. first date

   Makayla's POV- "so when are we going on a double date cause me and her... were a package", I say seriously. "yep no lie there, you ask one of us out you take the other one too haha". kayla say joking. "Well we should go to nando's". i say begging. "well fine by me", cayden says. "same here", says hunter and kayla just shakes her head. "well this will be a blast", makayla says sarcastically. as we get in the car cayden and kayla get in the front seat and hunter and i get in the back. he leans over and starts to kiss me i lean away "what was that for?",  i stated awkwardly. "just beacuse i felt like it", he says leaning in again begging for access that he wont be getting as i tease him. he whispers in my ear" please babe im begging you", he pouts. "sorry you gotta try harder", i say teasing him. "well if you guys can contain yourself we could have a peaceful car ride", kayla says annoyed. "kayla you know if you were back here with cayden you be doing the same thing", i say laughing.  by then her face was red and she was blushing terribly as cayden gave her a sexy glare. we all started laughing. then we pulled into nando's.

   Niall's POV- this girl walked in while i was with harry eating and wow she was beautiful but this dude was with her and he had his arm around her and was kissing her which made every inch of my body hate him even more "dude your a bit obsessed with that girl", harry states watching me gaze at her. "NO IM NOT!", i exclaims blushing. "i just think she deserves better", i state thinking in my head yeah someone like me. i look over again and the girl was blushing at something the other guy said and then she glanced at me. i looked down at my food and tried not to look at her. she had started talking to the other girl across from her looking back at me. i felt the awkwardness as i was looking at her she was walking over with her friend that harry was staring at also. "hey we kinda noticed you guys staring and thought why not lets talk to em", as we laughed. "well i cant help it" i state looking into her eyes. "cant help what?", she asks. " the fact that im attracted to you", i say weirdly. "well you know i was pretty side tracked myself", she said with a wink. as i giggled. 

   Makayla's POV- wow is this niall horan i must be dreaming the one thing me and kayla have a secret about is that we secretly love one direction. so im sort of freaking out right now. and yes im flirting when my boyfriend is right there i feel so guilty but hey... its niall horan. "soo... this is awkward", kayla states weirdly me and niall at the same time say "awkotaco", and i blushed horribly making hunter very mad yet still sexually frustrated because for some reason he came up behind me giving me a hug from behind and and his hand on my waste and whispered in my ear... "im going to punish you for what you did tonight", he said with a look on his face. i blushed horribly again making niall get more mad because he seemed jealous? "ohh im makayla by the way and this is hunter my boyfriend", you could see niall's look at him as you said that,"and this is kayla my best friend and her boyfriend cayden", harry gave him the same look as niall did to hunter. "well im niall and this harry", niall says blushing as if we dont know. "ummm... DUHHHHH!",me and kayla say in unison laughing. "umm what do you mean?", niall asks "well umm you are in one direction so i think i would know who you are", i say laughing even more." wait so you guys are fans?", harry and niall asked. "well ...ummm you could say that",we both say being embarrassed. hunter and cayden looked at us in shock not seeing that coming. "since when?", hunter says in a duchey voice. "since i was a teenager", i snap back as niall laughs. harry with no hesitation pulled kayla onto his lap making cayden as mad as hunter. we all laughed then harry was about to pull her into a kiss as cayden pulled her away. "what that hell are you doing!!!", cayden gives him a nasty stare holding her tightly. "harry looks at the ground feeling bad and looked up to see kayla wink at him and smiled.

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