lovely singing

this is a fanfic about two people in love (harry and kayla) with there best friends (MaKayla and niall) and they amaze the boys with a talent the boys didnt know about


2. couples?

   kayla's POV- that night we went home with the boys thank god that we were all to tired to do anything like that. "where are you going?" i asked waking up to the sound of him about to leave. "I think I should go home" Cayden says coming back over to kiss me goodbye. " we will see each other soon enough", he says in his raspy voice. "okay", i pout. " he pulls me into another lovely kiss and leaves the flat but as i look over he left his number. i look at the number for awhile wondering if i should text him. "where's you booyyfrriendd?" makayla teases me. "he left to go home but he left his number", i say weirdly. "well text him", she says giving me a glare. "whats going on?", hunter states getting up from the bed with makayla. "wow guys what happend with you?", i say laughing. "well i told you i had a one night stand", makayla says laughing back. "wait what?" hunter says. "i want this to be more than just a one night stand makayla." he pouts. i left the flat to go get some lunch cause i was hungry by the time i got back they were done discussing the issue. "so you guys work it out?", i say laughing. "yeah", makayla says. "well i brought back some McDonalds if you guys want some?" i asked. "OMG thank you kayla!" makayla says excitingly. "well after last night im pretty sure you would be hungry". i say craking up. "I AM!", makayla says yanking the bag out of my hand. "geez!", i said while she was over there stuffing her face.

    Caydens POV- I really like kayla but i dont know if she is going to call me i have been waiting all day *ring ring* i looked at my phone "OMG ITS HER!" i say grabbing the phone to answer. "hello?" i say excitingly. "hey boo" she says in the cutest voice. "what are you doing, love?" i ask blushing that she called me boo. "nothing sitting with makayla and hunter in the living room" she laughs. "what?" i ask. "nothing there just being pigs eating like they are never fed". "haha i can see that" i say making her giggle. "well why dont you come over?" she asks. "uugggg do i have to?" i state jokingly. "no you dont haavvee to", she says sarcastically. "okay boo ill be over in a little bit", i say. "okay byeeee" she says hanging up the phone.

    Makayla's POV- "so you guys are a thing now?" i ask kayla. "i dont know maybe", kayla says i can tell shes still wondering herself if things are going farther. "well i think you guys would be great together",i say confidently. "yeah me too" she replies


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