Hunger Games

My name is Emma Styles, yes i know im harry styles daughter, its the day of the reaping. Even though my dad is famous and all i still have to have my name in the glass wheel it just the rules.
" what will happen when emma and a certain other will be put into the areana?"


6. training

Niall's p.o.v

i cant believe this was happening, everything was making me feel sick. people came in and out of the little room to say their goodbyes and good lucks. Soon after, Harry and Megan burst through the door. Megan gave me a quick hug whilst harry stared at me from across the room.

" Mate you better take care of her" he said in his husky voice

" i will her life is in my hands and i will protect it like its my own" i replied

they left and instantly the fear started to kick in.

the lady from the ceremony burst through the door. "niall love its time to go to the training centre" she chirped,

i followed her into a metal room and into a train. Emma was sittting over on the couch tears in her eyes.

"Emma princess are you ok?, i'm here now nothing to worry about" i reassured her.

" I-Im scared" she sobbed into my chest.


* at the training arena*

Emma's p.o.v

i stood there watching niall attack a statue in the corner. God he was so good looking. i know i cant show my feelings for niall as my dad will be watching the whole games on t.v

he suddenly made eye contact with me and i imediately  turned in the opposite direction. My dad is going to be furious.


Harry's P.o,v

" Megan, she is going to be fine she is a strong one" i said whilst cradling her in my arms.

" she is only 16 harry!!! what is she going to do when she gets into the arena, she is going to die immediately. Emma wouldn't even hurt a fly!!!!" she screamed at me 


this is going to be a long week i thought to myself.

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