Hunger Games

My name is Emma Styles, yes i know im harry styles daughter, its the day of the reaping. Even though my dad is famous and all i still have to have my name in the glass wheel it just the rules.
" what will happen when emma and a certain other will be put into the areana?"


4. the unthinkable

harry's p.o.v

This is probably one of the worst feelings ever. taking my daughter down to the towns square to see who are going to be the two people to fight to the death in the hunger games. Not only do i just have to worry about my daughter getting chosen, but me and Megan too! i was snapped out of my thoughts by two girls running up to me. 


"sure you can" i said whilst signing both of their papers.

Emma, Megan, the boys and I all walked down to the square and stood in line to take down our identities.

i saw a tear roll down Emma's eye as she looked at niall. i could feel the fire burn up inside me i knew she had a bit of a crush on him and niall was a bit to close to emma for my liking. he then wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close.

"everything is going to be ok princess" i heard him whisper to her. i clenched my fists at my sides and then kept walking.


Emma's p.o.v

we were now in the towns square and i was feeling more nervous than ever. i looked over at niall and felt bad. what if i get chosen to be into the hunger games and i never get to see niall again? or even worse! what if niall got chosen and he died fighting in the areana for his life!. i felt a tear roll down my cheek. shortly after that i felt niall wrap his arm around me.

"everything is going to be ok princess. " he whispered in my ear.

"thankyou" i said as i pulled away. i didnt want my dad to know that i had feelings for Niall, that would ruin everything.

all of a sudden a bright looking lady stood and took her place on the stage she tapped the microphone a few times and cleared her throat.

"WELCOME TO THE 5TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES, AND MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR " she said and then brushed of her dress stepping over to the glass wheels.

"first we will call upon a girls name"

she shuffled through the glass wheel and pulled out a small gold piece of paper she unfolded it and smiled

" Emma Styles" she read with a smirk on her face.

i stood their in shock not moving a muscle. I felt my Dad and Niall squeeze my hands and tried to hold me back but i told my self to move forward  i shoved away their hands and moved up onto the stage. i could hear my mum crying behind me she was screaming my name but i didn't turn around. i could hear people gasping and saying things like omg thats Harry Styles daughter!! omg!!! i took my stand on the stage and intertwined mt fingers not knowing what to do or say.

"now for the Boys" she smiled

she shuffled through the papers and pulled out another gold peice of paper. i held my breath waiting for her voice to inform the crowd of thousands.

" Niall Horan"

the crowd all let out a sigh and looked at niall.

hes face had gone completely white and he had is knuckles clenched. my dad had a look on his face. it was a look of pure terror. his grabbed nialls arm and whispered something into his ear then pushed him towards the stage.

niall took his place next to me and whispered into my ear. "everything is going to be ok princess.


as they closed the door behind us they shoved us both into different rooms.

i sat on the small couch staring at the door. i was filled with fear as i was trying to hold back the tears in my eyes. The door burst open and in came Louis, zayn and liam

i ran up and jumped into their arms

"PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME HERE I DON'T WANT TO DIE" i cried into their shoulders.

"its going to be OK babe you have niall to protect you" Louis reassured me whilst i was curled up in Zayn's arms.

" Emma listen to me, try your best to win we will be watching and praying for you every step of the way" Liam said

before i could reply to them they were whisked away and my parents were shoved in front of me"

"Emma protect yourself, you can do this forget about everyone else Ok?" dad raised his voice a little.

"OK dad" i replied and they both hugged me and were whisked away. what was i going to do now. i just fell to the floor and cried.


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