Hunger Games

My name is Emma Styles, yes i know im harry styles daughter, its the day of the reaping. Even though my dad is famous and all i still have to have my name in the glass wheel it just the rules.
" what will happen when emma and a certain other will be put into the areana?"


1. prologue

Hi i am Emma styles, Yes the Emma Styles, Harry styles Daughter.

Its the day of the reaping today. The reaping is where a boy and a girl are chosen from the same district

to enter the annual hunger games were the pair are to fight to death with 22 other kids from all of the districts. It is a day that i dread every year. My friend Avery died last year in the hunger games, It is something i will never foreget.

heres a little bit about myself; I am 16 years old and i am the daughter of Harry Styles and Megan Styles. there is a secret from me that you should know though.... i have a massive crush on one of dad's band mates.. he's name is Niall Horan.

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