Hunger Games

My name is Emma Styles, yes i know im harry styles daughter, its the day of the reaping. Even though my dad is famous and all i still have to have my name in the glass wheel it just the rules.
" what will happen when emma and a certain other will be put into the areana?"


2. Morning of the Reaping

Emma's P.o.v

The sun shone right through my eyes and awoke me. Crap it was the day of the reaping. i hopped out of bed and rushed over to the bathroom as i was washing my face my dad came and sat down on the edge of the bathtub.

"good morning sweethard" he sighed

"good morning daddy..." i said while slowly drying my face.

" i know you are scared sweetheart but you are going to be fine. there are thousands of kins in the district and your name is only in the once." he said whilst cupping my cheeks and placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

" It's just What happened to avery you know-" i was cut off by knocking on our front door.

" Coming!" my dad shouted. " It's probably Niall and louis" he said with a smile and rushed off down the hallway.

 a shudder came over my body, i Have a huge crush on niall and i know that its not right. he is one of my dad's band members and if anything were to ever happen between us my dad would go absolutly nuts!

I put on some jeans and a knitted jumper, and slipped on my Vans. My hair was curly today and just fell below my waist. i tied the brown curls into a ponytail and put on a bit of miscara. It may be a horrible day, but you always have to look your best, i sighed to myself and made my way down the hallway.

when i reached the end of the hallway i peeked around th corner and saw my dad, Mum, Niall and louis sitting on the couch. Niall looked up instantly and we immediatly made eye contact. God those Georgous Blue eyes burnt right in to mine.

" good morning princess how are you feeling?'' he smiled over in my direction

"good thankyou, a bit scared about the reaping" i said.

"just remember sweer heart you have only been in their once and its your second time this year i really dont think you will have to worry" my mum said as she handed me a glass of water.

the age for the hunger games was 15 years old - 35 years old. which meant that my mum dad and Niall may be chosen as well. My dad and mum had me at a really young age and wanted to keep me as they didnt think it was right to put me up for adoption. i was snapped out of my thoughts by the clock going off. It was time for the reaping.

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