Hunger Games

My name is Emma Styles, yes i know im harry styles daughter, its the day of the reaping. Even though my dad is famous and all i still have to have my name in the glass wheel it just the rules.
" what will happen when emma and a certain other will be put into the areana?"


8. Authers note

hello my lovelies,

i have to go up to brisbane today so i could only update a little bit,

i promise you that i will update tomorrow and it will be a massive chapter that will take you a good time to read so look out hahaha.

i only have 3 days of school holidays left so i'm going to have to take massive breaks from writing, as my mum was unhappy with my report card and said that every second i am at home is should be studying but i will find the time to write for you hahahaha

anyways have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world and live a happy life hehe bye guys!!!


~ sammi aka Niallersprinsess <3

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