(2p) England in wonderland

One day when 2p england was bored he followed the white prussia rabbit to the place called wonderland. He knew of this place in story books. so he decides to explore! find out what happens!
2p england-from hetalia 2p characters


1. Welcome to Wonderland

2p England was doing his daily deeds, when he noticed a white rabbit that looked like prussia hop past. ' ooooo I'm late that's not AWESOME! ' the little white rabbit began to run down the hall. 2p England looked a bit confused ' A white rabbit? In my house? How? ' 2p England began to chase the rabbit that looked like Prussia. 2P England continued to chase the rabbit til it ran into the basement, 2p England followed silently, and noticed the stairs began to disinagrate. The basement had transformed into a hole, as 2p England fell he saw giant cupcakes, and other items fly past him. While falling he sit a rocking chair. He landed with a thud, he stood up and began to look around catiously. 2P England remember this story his mother told him, 2p renembered that he had to grab he the key and drink the potion as he saw the white rabbit walk throw the tiny door. 2p grabbed the key,and began to shrink til he was small enough to fit through the door. 2p realized he was in a pretty pink dress he didn't mind and proceded through the door.
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