(2p) England in wonderland

One day when 2p england was bored he followed the white prussia rabbit to the place called wonderland. He knew of this place in story books. so he decides to explore! find out what happens!
2p england-from hetalia 2p characters


3. Meeting the Chesha (cheshire)

As 2p England continued into wonderland, he came upon yet another well fork in the road.

 "I wonder which way I should go..." 2p pondered which way he should go. He looked at the signs pointing both ways; one said "Mad hatter" the other said "March hare" 2p knew what ever way he went he would meet somebody as insane as himself.

"Which way.." He whispered to himself. When he heard a chuckle, 2p looked both ways looking for the one who giggled. Nobody was in site at all. He heard another giggle and he saw a toothy grin as he turned around. "Now, now is some little boy lost?' Oddly it was Cheshire-chan herself in front of him. 2p blinked not knowing what to say to her. "Well, no I'm not lost , I just don't know which way to go" 2p replied without hestitation. She giggled again, and grinned such as a Cheshire should.

"Well which ever way you go your bound to meet somebody as sane as yourself my dear" She giggled again and patted his head. 2p frowned a bit and smacked her hand away from his head. "AAAWWW is somebody a grumpy little 2p England?' questioned the Cheshire as she poked his face. "NO! I'm not a grumpy little 2p England! Now shut up you jerk I said I don't know which way to go!" He frowned yet again, he was getting tired of this cat's game. The Cheshire walked around him looking at him slowly up, and down, "Now...is somebody Alice?" The Cheshire played with his skirt a bit, and grinned a devious grin. "My name is Oliver Kirkland! Thank you very much!" 2p looked at the Cheshire with a bit of a scold. "Fine, fine whatever you say Oliver!" The Cheshire shrugged and clapped her hands as a path right in the middle appeared. "Now you get to see both of them have fun... Alic- I mean Oliver" The Cheshire wave das she disappeared. 2p shrugged off seeing the cat, and continued down the path as if nothing had happened.

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