(2p) England in wonderland

One day when 2p england was bored he followed the white prussia rabbit to the place called wonderland. He knew of this place in story books. so he decides to explore! find out what happens!
2p england-from hetalia 2p characters


2. Into the depths of Wonderland

2p was now in wonderland he looked around n saw flowers one was italy, the next was romania, and the last was poland. 'Is that you Alice?' romania said in a snobbish tone. 'Of course it's Alice can't ya see the crazed look in her eyes!' Italy blurted out. 'well welcome back to Wonderland Alice.. have fun!' the poland flower waved his petal. 2p shrugged and continued walking. 'which way am I supposed to go?' 2p came to a 4 path cross road. 'm..m...maybe u should g..go left!' came a small voice. 'NO he should go to the right' came a loud voice. America and Canada came out from behind a bush. Canada was in a red and white dress while America was in blue and red overralls. 2p looked at them they were so different the America and Canada he knew. 'so you guys are tweedle dee and tweedle dumb?' both countries nodded silently. 'I'm tweedle dee..' Canads said shyly. 'And im tweedle dumb!' America grinned. 2p nodded and just walked past them and went down the path in the middle. 'TATA FOR NOW!' both brothers yelled as 2p walked down the path.
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