Crazy 4 U

Hi, I'm Lean and I like pie and R5! This story is about how me and Ross came to be.


2. Justine Unicorn

Hi, I'm Justine. I'm 17 years of age. I live in an apartment with my brother, Jian, who is 16 in L.A. I have and amazayn boyfriend, Harry Styles, from One Direction. My best friends and neighbors is Lean and Shaira. I go to Morse High School with Lean and my brother. In school me and Lean get bullied for no reason, but unlike Lean I stand up to them for me and Lean cause I'm not scared of them. I have loving parents that sadly live in San Diego. Well, I think that's all. Sorry have to go get ready for tonight. Me and Lean are going to an R5 concert. Wish me luck with handling a crazy excited Lean with me.

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