Crazy 4 U

Hi, I'm Lean and I like pie and R5! This story is about how me and Ross came to be.


4. Chapter 1

Lean P.O.V

Here me and Justine are waiting in our front row seats for R5 to come out on stage. Smoke starts to come out on the sides of the of stage. The lights dim. And out of nowhere R5 come out and start the concert.

~ After the concert ~

OMG!!!! That concert was flacking awesome. Right now me and Justine are headed to meet R5 in their dressing room. "You ready to meet R5." Justine said. "Of course I am" I yelled. Justine laughed. Before the concert she said that when me and Ross meet, he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend next week. But I doubt that. If it happens (which it won't) I owe Justine 50 bucks. This guy who was at least a year older than me was checking me out while leading us to the dressing room. I nudged Justine. "Ow! What?" She asked. I pointed to the dude. She laughed and said. "Hey dipthong, stop eye-rapping my friend here aye. She's creeped by you" The guy immediately looked away and lead us to a door and knocked. The door immediately flung open relieving R5 behind it. Well here goes.

A/N: Well this is the first chapter. Hope u like it.


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