Pieces of Time

Abigail has had a tough life for as long as she could remember. Which isn't that long. She woke in a long dark hallway. Wearing only black shorts and a black singlet, that had her name sewed on it. She ran when she heard the voices. But all that was twelve months ago. Now she's living on the streets finding teens just liked her. Each possessing something that no other human being could actually have.

What will happen when they start getting attacked by the people who took them?

Will they fight back?

Or will they surrender?


2. Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:


"Oi! Abby! Get down from there!" Gabe yelled, throwing an apple up towards me. I caught it with my left hand easily, barely leaning off the window seal.


I spat on the shiny surface of the red apple, rubbing it clean on my new jumper. I brought the apple to my lips, bitting down. As I crunched on the juicy bit, I leaned my back against the window seal, throwing my left leg over and letting it hang.


"Abby! Get down before you get caught!" Gabe yelled once again from below.


I took another bite of the juicy apple, dropping my hand in my lap after and looking up at the sky. The sky was a dark grey, indicating that it will be raining tonight and that it was almost the end of the day. A flock of birds flew by, each squawking something to one of the others.


I sighed at the lack of freedom I possess, wishing that I could just leave. But I can't... Because I don't exist...


"Abigail! Get down from there now!" I cringed that the use of my full name. It sounded so formal, so... Not me...


"I'll be down in a second, Gabriel!" I yelled, throwing my apple core down at him. I heard a satisfying grunt from my target, glancing down at him.


One of his hands were rubbing the top of his head, while he was looking up at me with a glare. I giggled at my friend, turning around and sliding my body off the window sill, so I held onto it with only my hands.


I dropped down to the next window, grabbing onto the sides of it before I fell any further. I heard a couple of gasps from below me. Probably just some curious bypasses.


I turned my body so I faced the street. It was a long wide street, lots and lots of apartments on both sides of it. Shops were lined down the sides of the streets; cafés, bakery's, bottle shops, book stores... Name it and it'll be there.


I looked to my left. The fire escape ended on this level, not on the one that I was sitting on. Which would have been the fourth or fifth.


I reached across and jumped onto the safety of the fire escape and made my way down. I made it to the final level and pushed the ladder to the street floor, climbing down soon after.


I looked around the small alleyway, looking for something that would help Gabe and I through tonight. I glanced at a window, which had bars aligned from the top to the bottom.


A girl stood there. She looked as if she was about 17. Auburn red hair, that was covered by a grey knitted beanie, and bottle green eyes. She was relatively pretty.


She wore a warm grey hooded jumper, that looked about two sizes to big, a coat on top of that and some dirty jeans. A scarf hugged her neck and there were a pair of fingerless leather climbing gloves on her hands. Everything was pretty clean and rather new, but she knew that none of this was hers.


Since the girl in the window was my reflection.


I had been living on the streets ever since that day. The day I woke in the hallway with nothing beside black shorts and a black singlet that had, what I think was, my name sewed onto it. I ran for my life. People were chasing me, but luckily I out ran them and hid. I never knew why I was there and I still don't remember anything before that.






But that was the night I met Gabe. He had been living on the streets for about six months then, he had ran away from his foster home. He's been like a big brother to me. May I just add, he has incredible throwing skills. I always told him to go play Baseball! But no... He doesn't like Baseball...


Back to the main subject, we've done nothing illegal, beside stealing- Well... Borrowing clothes that will never we reunited with their old owner. We've never smoked weed or drank or injecting ourselves with god-knows-what. We were the simple kids that were looking for a way to survive the world.


I sighed, turning away from the window and staring at the way out of the street when a figure entered the alley.


"Nice drop, Abby!" I heard my dear friend call. "One of my finest, if I do say so myself!" I bragged, wiping the dirt from my hands onto my jeans.


He walked towards me, a smile stretched across his lips. His longish ginger brown hair flew gently in the wind, the grey beanie that was on his head held all the other messy strands. His hazel eyes were looking at me with excitement.


As he walked toward me, he held his only backpack in his left hand while his right was holding a brown paper bag, that was probably containing today's meal.


He reached me, stopping beside me. "You ready to move on?" He asked, holding out an arm for me to latch onto.


I smiled, looping my arm through his. "Ready as every other night."

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