Speaking Love

Sequel to Everything About You.
Perfect life. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect friends. But one thing is missing. Love.


3. the fight

Lexi's POV:

"babe you home?" I called out. There were no replys. Once again I was alone at home. I kicked off my shoes and walked over my awaiting couch. It looked so welcoming and warm.

I plopped onto the couch and sighed. Right as I got comfortable the front door opened. Louis was standing in the doorway with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh good your home!" Louis' grin grew. "Why so happy Loubear?" I asked. Louis ran over to me and plopped himself right next to me. "Is it bad for me to not be happy when I'm with my girlfriend?" Louis asked smirking. I sighed.

"Lou you haven't exactually acknoledged me lately." I pointed out. Louis shook his head. "I have perfectly good reasons I haven't spent Lex and Lou time at all this week and I swear I'll make up for it." Louis offered. "Louis I'm talking about the last 4 months! You aren't the same Loubear!" I exclaimed.

Louis' POV:

Lexi's words shocked me. I always spend time with her, but she's been spending an awful lot of time with Niall. Whenever I make plans for us she blows them off and hangs out with Niall.

"Actually you stopped spending time with me Lex. Everytime I have something fun and romantic planned for us you find a way to get out of it. Then you spend time with Niall instead of me. I'm worried one day I'll see you and Niall making out on the couch." I admitted.

Lexi looked shocked. Wordless. surprised. Then her shock turned to anger.

"Don't you dare say that! I always try to spend time with you, but your never home! When we go out in public your all mushy gushy, but once we are home you ignore me! Every night you go out clubbing! I spend time with Niall cause he actually cares about me!" She shouted.

I stared at the girl open mouthed. I was angry. How could she say that? After all we've been through. But what I wanted to know is, is what she is saying true?

I thought back to my countless times at the bar trying to forget Lexi and Niall's constant flirting. Did she think I was out partying when really I was just getting rid of the pain?

I thought back to the times I was busy planning a date. Lexi always asked if we could spend time together, but I always said I couldn't.

Then I thought back to the times we are out in public. I'm mushy gushy out in public with her cause I want people to know I love her, but I do hide in my room after all the love.

"Do you not trust me?" I asked quietly. Lexi's expression softened. "Lou I-..." she trailed off. "Do you trust me or not?" I asked louder. "I honestly don't Louis. I'm scared that one day your going to come home with some girl from a club." Lexi admitted as a tear escaped.

I am mad. I can't take it anymore.

"I can't take it anymore! Lexi I love you so much! But your scared of me. Your scared of love! You only spend time with Niall cause you don't think he is in love with you, but Lexi he is. You don't trust love anymore. Your scared that I will leave you. Your worried that everything will end just like how it ended with Harry! I go to bars to forget about yours and Nialls flirting! I'm never home cause I'm planning dates that you will never forget, but you never accept the dates! I'm mushy gushy in public cause I want everything to see how much I love you! But maybe its all Bullshit! You can't hide from love, but one thing for sure is you can decline it. And Lexi congragulations cause I'm gone!" I shouted.

I ran out of the flat. tears streaming down my face.

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