Speaking Love

Sequel to Everything About You.
Perfect life. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect friends. But one thing is missing. Love.


4. realization

Lexi's POV:

His words stung into my brain. He's gone. Harry's coming back. Niall promised me. But I don't think Louis will ever come back.

My best friend is gone. Ever since we were kids I could count on him. I trusted him when we were younger. But he was right. Everything he said about me being scared of Love is true. I didn't trust him cause I don't trust love. expecially not after Harry left us.

I heard a knock at the door. I shot up from where I was sitting. Oh my hopes it was Louis or Harry rose. I walked to the door and there in front of me was a red faced Niall.

"Oh Lexi I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed. I stared at him trying analize the situation. Niall expects me to love him. Niall wanted me to break up with Louis. "Lex?" Niall saud worried.

"You know Louis was never here cause he saw right through your act of 'friendship'. Louis was hurting and I was to busy leaning on you to notice. Has it ever struck you that I never broke up with him cause I love him? What we had was real, but now its all gone." I stated. I was angry and sad.

Niall stood shocked as he dropped his arms to his side.

Niall's POV:

"I hope you are happy!" Louis shouted at me. He had tears running down his face. I knew what that meant. Him and Lexi broke up, but I expected him to be calmer. It must've been a huge fight and that must've meant all my expectations about Louis were wrong.

After Lexi yelled at me she slammed her door. I broke a perfectly good relationship. Or at least thats what most people would say. From what Lexi said that meant she doesn't have trust in love. Then it struck me. Harry. Ever since Harry left you could tell how unsure Lexi was about Louis. She was worried she was going to break him. and this time she did. Only cause she didn't have trust.

That means to get Lexi's trust back I need to fufill a promise.

Lexi's POV:

I called Danielle. I couldn't stand being in my and Louis' old flat. It had to many memories. I couldn't go home, because that would bring back memories of Louis and I as children. So I called Danielle and asked her if I could live with her until I got over Louis.

She said it was fine.

Yet I don't think it'll work.

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