Speaking Love

Sequel to Everything About You.
Perfect life. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect friends. But one thing is missing. Love.


5. how we are doing

Danielle's POV:

It's been two months since Lexi and Louis' break up. Lexi lives with Liam and I. She sleeps in the guest room. She never leaves the room unless we force her to get out for a bit. She stopped talking to Niall. She stopped eating. The last time I saw her was about a week ago. The only reason I saw her then was because I heard noises in the kitchen. She was getting somthing to eat.

Even in the dark I could tell she was broken completely and no where near healing. There was a crack in her voice as she said 'sorry for waking you.' I wanted so badly to talk to her, but she excaped before I could say anything.

Late at night Liam and I can hear her coughing and crying. She's sick and probably dieing. She's underweight, depressed, sick, pained, and sad.

Niall had actually left to go find Harry. Niall returns on weekends and tells us his progress. He feels as though if he fufills his promise to Lexi then she will forgive him, but forgiving won't help her forget. Liam's worried that if Harry comes back then it will break Lexi even more, but Niall and Zayn think otherwise.

Louis' POV:

I couldn't go home. It reminded me to much of Lexi. I couldn't find anywhere to live. So I moved to America. I now live in a flat with my old friend Stan.

I was going to live alone, but I don't want a job, and I find it hard to be in public cause everything reminds me of Lexi. Stan offered to live with me though cause he knows I'm in no shape to live alone.

I get frequent calls from Zayn and Liam. Stan always fills them in on how I'm doing. To be honest I'm not even sure Stan understands how bad I'm taking the breakup.

I locked myself in my room. I never eat. I only cry. I smashed my phone a week after I was all settled in my flat with Stan. I only want Lexi, but I can't have her.

Stan told me Lexi quit her music career. It broke me even more.

Stan told me Danielle is worried about Lexi.

I didn't want to hear updates on Lexi so I told Stan to fuck off. Stan tryed to hook me up with some girls he knows, but I always turned them down. I'm a man I shouldn't be so upset, but I am and now I know how Harry felt after Lexi broke up with him.

Lexi's POV:

I over hear every conversation Danielle and Liam have about me. Danielle is now worried I'm very sick and dieing. I can't say she is wrong.

To be honest I wouldn't mind dieing at this point of life. I'll never shee Harry again. I'll never see Louis again. I'll never see Niall again, I already quit my music career. People didn't freak out about that so they won't freak out about my death. I decided to die slowly.

endore the pain. I want to known how Harry felt when I broke up with him. He's probably dead. He probably died just like how I'm planning.

Suicide as never been in my book, but after loosing Harry, Louis, and Niall I don't seem to have any other options. I did research on the computer. It said It takes about two weeks to die of starvation.

Now I just have to wait a whole other week. and then all my pain is gone. No more hurt, anger, sadness. I could probably see Harry again.

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