Speaking Love

Sequel to Everything About You.
Perfect life. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect friends. But one thing is missing. Love.


2. Cheep toy

Lexi's POV:

"Niall when's the next carnival?" I asked my blond haired friend. Niall looked up from his laptop and shrugged. We were chilling at my flat. I was laying down with my legs in Niall's lap while he was on twitter. "Why do you wanna know?" Niall asked. I shrugged. "Cause I really need a new cheap carnival prize to love forever." I announced proud of my answer.

Niall let out a loud laugh. "That's what dollar general is for Lex." Niall replied still laughing. "Then can we go? Louis won't be home till FOREVER." I started bouncing on the couch like a 5 year old. Niall chuckled. "Lou won't like me taking his lady out." Niall thought aloud. "It's not like Louis will be at dollar general, plus Louis doesn't even pay attention to what I do anymore. some guy could be fucking me right in front of him and he still wouldn't notice." I pointed out.

Niall nodded. "Your right. okay lets go get you that cheap carnival prize that you will love forever." Niall set his laptop down. He help out his hand for me to grab. He pulled me right off the couch and we were on our way to dollar general.

Niall's POV:

Lexi was sitting next to me smiling like a idiot on drugs. She seemed to happy for Louis. I mean when they were first together you would've thought they were married, but now Lexi acts like a adorable innocent child and Louis' acts like a drunk asshole who always has one night stands. It would never seem like they're dating.

I always tell Lexi to dumb Louis, but she always has the same excuses. 'But he's been my best friend forever','i do not wanna break his heart', or my favorite 'what if he crys.' I would say she is pathetic, but she's my best friend, so I'm still gonna say she's pathetic.

"Niall." a innocent voice broke my thoughts. "Yeah Lex?" I asked. "When's Harry coming back?" She asked. I slammed my foot on the break and whipped my attention to Lexi. "What'd you say?" I asked making sure I heard her right. She looked down at her hands and started messing with her thumbs. "When's Harry coming back?" She stuttered.

"One day you'll see him again. I swear." I assured her. "Promise?" She asked. I smiled at her. The most positive smile ever. "Promise."

"I-I'm not sure." I replied honestly. "Is he even gonna come back?" Lexi asked. I looked over at her. Curiosity in her eyes, and a emotion I couldn't understand. Wonder? sadness? Love? "Yes I promised you he is gonna come back so that means he is gonna come back." I assured her. She smiled. Brightness overflowing. Love, definitely love.

Lexi's POV:

Niall and I were right outside my flat. I had a huge clown fish from dollar general in my arms. "I better go. Remember I'm right next door if you need me. and Lex. don't let him break your heart." Niall kissed my forehead. "I won't." I assured my best friend. "Lexi. I'm serious." Niall stated. I nodded. "calm yourself Nialler." I chuckled.

I gave Niall a quick kiss on the cheek and I escaped inside before he could give me anymore warnings. I needed to face Louis.






The word is haunting.

It reminds me of the past.

It awakens me the the present.

And it warns me for the future.

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