Lean on Me

"You are strong. You stopped on you own." I told him. "Being strong is never doing it in the first place Kath." He whispered while hugging me.


6. Wake Up and Regret.

My eyes were still shut. I felt some thing move under me. My eyes shot open and I looked up to see his eyes slowly flutter open. "Lou..." I whispered. "Am I dead?" He asked. I shook my head. He laid his head back and tears sprung from his eyes. "So your here with me for real?" He asked. "Yes Lou I'm here for you." I whispered. I kissed him lightly. "How did you get away?" He asked. "Umm... I thought what you would do so as the director was driving I jumped out...." I said. He chuckled. I held onto him tightly. Harry came in with 3 other boys whose faces were stained from tears. Louis sat up and looked at his hands. The boys sat down. Harry was the first to speak. "Why?" He asked. 

"You guys wouldn't understand." Lou replied in a whisper. A boy with tanned skin and jet black hair with honey eyes looked at him with sadness. "Louis please tell us, we love you so much we want to help you." The boy said.

"Zayn I can't okay. You would thing I'm stupid and send me somewhere." Louis said raising his voice.

"We promise we won't. No one else knows about this WE want to help you. We don't want you going anywhere." A boy with big brown eyes and short brown hair said. Louis sighed. He wasn't going to tell them. They knew it too. They looked to me. 

"Baby please. Tell them they need to know and so do I. You can't bottle things up but in the end its not good for you." I said. I kissed his shoulder. He shifted. That was his tell. He was going to let us know.

"umm... I couldn't take it. All of it. The hate, Kath being gone. It hurt to much. The hate has gotten worse. I get things tweeted to me, texted to me, mailed to me. How haters even got my number I don't know. One person sent me 3 pan flits to funeral homes. My twitter exploded with tweets saying. I hate you or try harder next time, or kill yourself the world doesn't need you, fucking homo just go die, and you dont deserve to live anymore so go kill yourself. I started to believe all of it. Yesterday on twitter #tryharderlou and #maybenexttimelouis were on the top of world wide trends. When I couldn't protect her I finally realized that I can't do anything, I'm worthless." He said while crying. The boys were crying as well. I hugged him tightly. I cried into his chest.

"Lou we had now idea..." Zayn said. Harry stood up and grabbed Louis phone. We all looked at him confused we could tell that he was angry. He studied it for a moment before throwing it hard against the wall. It shattered. We all flinched. He went to Lou's closet and grabbed a bag. He started to throw clothes in. "Haz what are you doing?" One boy asked. "Liam.... Lou is coming to stay with me. So are you Kath. I'm not gonna let people ruin my best friend's life. No one knows where I live. We aren't letting you go on twitter at all until things calm down. And Lou if anyone dares to touch you again or hurt you again so help me god I will beat their faces in." Harry said while grabbing things from the bathroom. Lou was still in shock. "Eh Hazza count me in!" Liam and Zayn yelled. "Eh you three will be the least of their worries." The blonde haired boy said. I lightly chuckled and a small smile played across Louis lips. The boys stood up and left. Harry said he would be leaving in 15 minutes. Louis slowly got out of bed. I followed him into the bathroom. "Umm.... privacy?" He asked. "Umm... no I don't want you to be alone. And plus I have to shower too." I whispered in his ear. He smiled and locked the door. We turned on the shower and took off our clothes. I stepped into the shower with him following. He wrapped his arms around my waist. He slowly kissed my jaw line. His body protected me from the hot water. I turned to face him. I felt his toned chest. His neck had a light purple line across from where the rope was. I traced it with my finger, I didn't notice that a tear rolled down my cheek until I felt him wipe it away. "Babe please don't cry." He told me. "Lou you don't get it." I whispered. He ran the shampoo through my hair. "Don't get what?" He asked. "Lou seeing you hanging there so lifeless killed me. I was so scarred that I lost you forever. When I cut you down you just fell in Harry's arms like a doll. Lou I thought I lost you. Please don't do that to me again, I love you more than words describe." I said tears cascading down my cheeks. He placed his perfect lips on mine. He kissed me with so much passion and love like he would never kiss me again. Soon I felt the water on me. We pulled apart and I looked up into his eyes he ran his fingers through my hair rinsing it out. When it was fully out I turned him around and washed his hair. Our eyes never broke contact. We finished up. He wrapped a towel around me. I dried my self as he dried himself. We left the bathroom. 

"Kath Dani my girlfriend brought you a pair of leggings for you." Liam said. Louis open the door and took them. "Tell her I say thank you." I called out. Louis handed me the legging and I put them on after my underpants. I clipped my bra an realized that I didn't have a shirt. I told Louis and he handed me his  guns n' roses tee. I put it on and threw on a beanie and sun glasses. We walked out into the foyer where I put on my black toms. Louis kissed me quickly. "Lou do you think I'm pretty?" I asked. He looked at me. "No." He said my heart dropped. "No I don't think you are pretty I think you are god damn beautiful, stunning, gorgeous  perfect. Kath don't ever think less." He continued. He pulled me in for a kiss.

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