Lean on Me

"You are strong. You stopped on you own." I told him. "Being strong is never doing it in the first place Kath." He whispered while hugging me.


1. Prologue

"NO!" I screamed as two men pulled me into a large building. My mum caught me cutting and she thought that the best to send me to rehab. Hot salty tears streamed down my face as the shut my bedroom door locking me in. I screamed and cried. Betrayl and hurt filled my emotions. I was bullied in and out of school, I get to be too much stress. The first time I slid the sharp thick needle across my wrist slicing the skin open I felt some of the stress release. I continued and soon I stopped eating. My mum found out about everything two days ago. She walked in on me cutting. I was cutting my hips because my arms had filled up. Her only option was to send me away. It sucks.

I am Kathrine Marshal

I am 5'8" and weigh 90lbs

I have ebony black hair with parts died red.


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