Lean on Me

"You are strong. You stopped on you own." I told him. "Being strong is never doing it in the first place Kath." He whispered while hugging me.


5. Day 3

I woke up on my own. I felt sore and empty. I looked over to the clock and it was only 8 am. I pulled myself the the kitchen and made coffee. I heard Louis walk into the kitchen. I took my cup and walked back to my room not even looking at him. I changed my clothes and put on a blue jumper over my acid washed jeans I let my hair down. I looked into my bag and found make up. I put thick black wings and grey eye shadow. My blue eyes now looked grey. I walked out of the room with my phone in hand and sat on the couch. Louis came out in sweats and a purple pull over hoodie. He sat on the couch across from me. We still hadn't talked to each other. "Did you?" He asked. I knew what he was asking about me cutting. I didn't answer him. "Kath DID YOU?" He asked again raising his voice. I  tugged at my sleeves. I didn't even realized he got up till I heard him gasp. He was in my room. I walked in to see the sheets a crimson color. I must have forgotten to bandage the cuts. "Babe come here. Let me see." He said quietly I took small steps towards him. He gently pulled up my sleeves. I looked down and saw the deep large cuts going across and down my arms. He picked me up and carried me to his room, he sat on the bed with me in his arms. He was cradling me like an infant. He took a hold of my arm and kissed the cuts. "Kath?" He said. "Yes?" I replied. "Why?" He asked in  a hushed tone. I drew a sharp breath. "Well when I was nine my dad started to beat me. He would hit kick punch and burn me. One night he drank too much and died. I didn't drop a single tear. I was 14 when he died my mother was devastated  She started to drink heavily. She never hit me. She would invite men over and sell herself. One night one of her customers saw me and pulled 3000 dollars out of his pocket and said she could have it if he could have me for the night. Her need for the drink drove her to say yes. That man took my virginity from me. People at school found out and I was labeled the local hooker. Girls called me names and pushed and shoved me. Guys would sexually harass me. Soon guys started to come up to me with like $20 bills and asked me what they could get. I started to cut more and more. I starved myself and when I was 17  my mother found me. She sent me to rehab and that led me to you. The first morning here when I was alone I knew that normally I would have wanted to kill myself but then I remembered you. Last night when people were hating on me for being happy I realized that they were right. I don't deserve you...... I never have and never will." I told him. He held me tighter. "Kath I love you so much. When you said you discovered the definition of perfection I thought you had found a mirror. Kath you will never be alone as long as I'm alive. I will never be good enough for you." He told me before pressing his lips to mine. Our lips moved in sync. We got up and decided to get some breakfast. He made toast and I had a slice. The door burst open and several men ran in. Louis grabbed me and I hid behind him. That's when I saw the director walk in. 

"Mr. Tomlinson. I am afraid that Miss Marshal has to come back. Since you two are now romantically involved the project has failed. She must come back and finish her rehabilitation at the institute." He said. Louis froze. "No." He said dryly. Then we were soon pulled apart by the men. I screamed and cried for Louis. He had 6 men holding him back. He was screaming for me. I was dragged out of the room and placed into a small two seat black car. The director got in. Soon the men came out and drove off in their own cars. The director started to drive. I realized then what would Louis do in this situation. I carefully unclicked my belt and opened the door and jumped out into the ditch. I landed hard. I got up and ran. I reached Lou's flat front door. I heard quiet sobs. I saw Harry running down the hall toward the front door. We heard an loud crash and Harry kicked the door in. I saw Louis in the front room hanging. I ran and grabbed a stool. I climbed up an cut the rope. Harry caught him. He was unconscious  Harry was crying. We placed Louis on his bed. I took his hand in mine. Tears flooded from my eyes. I was screaming and crying. Harry wrapped his arms around my shoulders and hugged me. I crawled over to Louis and cried into his chest. "Wake Up Lou... please for me. I love you." I whispered before my eyes shut and pulled me into a deep sleep.

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