Lean on Me

"You are strong. You stopped on you own." I told him. "Being strong is never doing it in the first place Kath." He whispered while hugging me.


3. Day 1

I woke up in a large king size bed. I slowly got up. I saw a set of clothes laid out on the dresser. It was a men's tank top and a pair of sweat pants probably Louis'. I got out of my clothes and slipped on his. I walked into the bathroom and saw a small pink bag labeled Katherine. I smiled and opened it up and grabbed the toothbrush. Normally I would take the chance to cut or kill myself but something about Louis made me want to live. I walked out of the room and into the hallway. I saw Louis exiting his room with only sweats on. His sweats hung just on his hip bones. His scars were completely visible. He smiled warmly and I returned it. I walked up to him and hugged him. We slowly made our way to the kitchen and sat down at the table. He pulled out two slices of bread and put them into the toaster. "Want anything?" He asked. "umm... could I have a banana?" I asked quietly. "Of course love." He said passing me a banana. I opened it slowly and took a small bite into it. I ended up eating all of it without feeling bad. Louis bit into his toast and smiled at the fact that I ate. I walked up behind him and snaked my arms around his waist. I felt him relax even more in my arms. I pulled a stool up next to him and lightly traced his scars on his left side. He had some that were wide and long, slim and long, slim and short ones and jagged ones. I felt him tense up. "Lou... " I whispered. "Yes?" He asked. "Why?" I asked him. He got up without a word and walked to his room. I followed even though I know I shouldn't. He sat on his bed and put his face in his hands. I sat next to him and rubbed circles on his back. 

"Well if you don't know I'm in a band called One Direction... My best friend Harry well people said we were gay. We received tonnes of hate. My girlfriend Eleanor broke up with me because of it. I loved her so much.   Harry handled everything better than I did. I got tonnes of hate from millions of people. When I was little my parents got divorced my dad left and hadn't talked to me until I became famous. When I turned him away he went to the press. He told lies about me. I was soon hated world wide. Thats when I started to cut. It hurt at first but it soon became my addiction. I soon stopped eating. The boys just thought that I was upset so they gave me space. The guy who was like a brother to me I stopped talking to. For months it went on like that until one night my body couldn't handle it. I cut to deep and I hadn't eaten in over 2 weeks I passed out on my bed. Harry came over to talk to me because he missed me he found me on my bed bleeding out. I remember waking up 3 weeks later surrounded by tons of people Simon, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Perrie, Danielle  My mum, sisters, step dad,aunts and uncles. I realized that I was loved." He said looking down. I noticed tears rolling down his perfect cheeks. I wiped them away. He looked up into my eyes. His were red and puffy. I hugged him and held him close. He cried into my shoulder. After about half an hour he stopped. I stood up and he looked at me confused. "Want some Ice Cream?" I asked. He smiled. I pulled him off the bed and pulled him into the kitchen. I opened the freezer to see the Ice cream from the night before. I pulled it out and stuck a spoon in his and slid it over to him and grabbed mine. I walked into the living room and he followed. He sat down on one side and stretched his legs across the couch. "Where am I gonna sit?" I asked sassily. He chuckled. "On me." He replied with a cheeky grin. I stratled his legs. He talked about random things and laughed and giggled. He looked from my lips to my eyes and bit on his lower lip. "You have something on your lip." He whispered. I went to wipe it away when he gently grabbed my wrist and leaned in. Our noses were touching. I felt his hot breath spread over my face. "Let me get that." He said before gently attaching his lips to mine. He slowly kissed and soon took my bottom lip in between his teeth and gently sucked off the ice cream. Thats when we heard the door open. We pulled away and he groaned in annoyance. We looked over to the door and saw a curly haired boy with bright green eyes. 

"Am I interrupting something Lou?" He asked whit a cheeky grin on his face.

"Yes... but it's fine we will continue later." Lou said sending me a wink I blushed. The boy came right in and sat down.

"Ello Love I'm Harry." The boy said.

"Katherine." I said quietly. Louis sat up and pulled me close.  I put my head on Louis chest and listened to there conversation. 

"Lou have you checked twitter lately?" Harry asked.

"No. I haven't what's going on?" Lou said.

"Well Tom Parker from the wanted and Max George are calling you and Zayn out again. Well Directioners are hating on them but more people are supporting them. Lou the hate is piling up." Harry told him. Louis' face went stone cold he stood up without a word. He walked into the kitchen. I looked at Harry. All of a sudden we heard crashing sounds I jumped over the couch and raced to the kitchen with Harry right behind me. Louis was throwing plates at the wall in anger. The glass was everywhere. Harry ran past me and grabbed Louis.

"LOU STOP!" Harry yelled. Louis struggled in Harry's grasp. "HARRY LET ME GO!" Lou screamed with tears running down his face. Harry's face softened. "Lou it's okay. I'm here. I won't let you go." Harry told him. Louis collapsed and cried. I grabbed a broom and started to clean up the glass. I couldn't find the dustpan so I carefully picked up the glass. I suddenly felt two hands grab mine I looked back to see Louis. 

"Let me your gonna get hurt." He said. I shook my head and continued. I heard Harry leave and Lou picked me up. He was quite strong. He led me to the bedroom and set me down. "I'm sorry." He said. 

"Don't be you were hurt no need to be sorry the only people who should be sorry are the worthless pricks that hurt you." I told him.  He looked up into my eyes and lent in. I met him halfway and our lips connected. I felt him smile into the kiss. We pulled away for air. I lent my head on his chest and felt his arms wrap around me. He walked over to the bed and I followed. He lifted the covers and pulled me in after him. I snuggled into his chest. He had his strong arms wrapped tightly around my waist. I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat. 

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