On the run

Gemma Fender put her boyfriend away two years ago for killing a boy in cold blood. Just the thought of it being her fault sent Gemma into a deep depression. But when her crazy ex boyfriend breaks out of prison in search of finishing what he started it breaks Gemma out of her trance and forces her to confront deep secrets of her past.

But some secrets are best kept hidden...

(Authors note- Yellow for some violence in the first few chapters. Absolutely no other adult content is involved in this story)


2. No one deserves this

We got to the Creek just when things started to heat up.Billy had a bloody lip and New Kids face was so bloody and swollen if it wasn't for the outfit I wouldn't have been able to tell who he was.

I knew that something like was going to happen eventually but I always thought that I would have broken ties with Billy at that point and wouldn't have to witness my "boyfriend" going full blown psycho on someone that I was sure didn't deserve it. I mean no one deserves what New Kid had to go through that day but some people come pretty close. 

New Kid was now laying on the ground trying to catch his breath but failing when Billy walked up the him and kicked him with his muddy boot right in his side.New Kids ribs made a sickening crack and Billy laughed crazily.I couldn't help it I had to do something,so I did.

"Billy stop it, he's had enough."I screamed right when Billy raised his foot again.Billy turned toward me and screamed.He ran toward me and raised his hand but I was ready for it I caught his fist in my left hand and punched him hard in the face with the other.He staggered back a few steps and spit blood out of his mouth.

"Your gonna wish you hadn't a done that."Billy said a sick smile spreading wide across his face.He ran towards me again but I side stepped and he ran right into a tree.Everyone burst into laughter and one of his meat head friends ran towards me too this time I was too slow and he slammed into me-hard.

"That wasn't nice."I growled and spit right in his face.Billy was back and now he was really mad,so was his friend but I had help.New Kid had gotten up and even though he was broken and bloody he was the only help I had,well except for Becca who was now trying to bash Billy's skull in with her 6 inch stiletto heel because he punched her in the face and messed up her makeup.

"Sit down by that tree me and Becca got this."I said to New Kid pointing to a nearby weeping willow.He walked over and leaned against the tree.

"Get her offa me man!"Billy's friend screamed. Becca was hanging off of his back screaming and trying to keep him in a choke hold.Billy grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her off onto the ground.Billy straddled her and started to choke her,screaming over and over "Die you psycho die."I ran and jumped onto Billy's back trying to pull him off of Becca because she was starting to lose consciousness.

"Billy get off of her.She was just helping me!"I screamed in his ear putting him in a choke hold.Billy loosened his grip on Becca and grabbed my arm.His fingers raked deep cuts in my arm and I had to let go.Billy"s friend grabbed me by the waist and held me up while Billy punched me in the gut and face over and over. Becca got off of the ground and took her shoe off again.She threw it hard at the side of Billy's friends head and he let go of me.Billy's friend was on the ground unconscious with blood gushing out of his cheek.

Billy slapped Becca in the face and walked slowly towards me,ready to finish me off obviously.He grabbed my arm and twisted.I screamed out in pain and grabbed his other hand and bit into it twisting my teeth to get a good chunk of meat off.Billy let go and turned toward New Kid who had threw a huge rock at his head.

Billy pulled out a giant knife out of his back pocket.The big crowd that had gathered took a few steps back and at this point I was glad that people were filming this even though I looked like junk.My hair was out of its ponytail,my jeans were bloody,my shoes were okay though.

"Billy don't!"I heard someone scream,I don't know who because the only thing I could look at was the knife being raised.I lunged for it but I was too late Billy had already pressed it to New Kid's throat. Becca threw her shoe at Billy's hand and the heel went threw and attached itself to the tree.Billy cried out and let go of New Kid who slumped to the ground.I ran to him grabbed New Kid and pressed my jacket to his throat trying to stop the bleeding.

"Someone call an ambulance!"I screamed frantically.

"I already did, they're on their way."Becca said sitting down next to me.

 Five minutes later the cops were there and everyone scattered.The medics ran towards me with a stretcher.They put New Kid on it and wheeled him away.

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